Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Well, all my things have been moved from my old building to my new building. The floors have been waxed, rooms cleaned floor to ceiling. I have this week and next week before school starts, so I thought I should get going on the room!

When I got to my PD yesterday, one of my old students happened to be running by school so I asked her to come back at 3:30 with a friend and help me unpack.

So cute, Lillian and Emily - going through my books and putting all the ones that are more middle school appropriate into a separate box and keeping the K-5 books in my room.

They were so sweet....

"Ohhhh I remember Scary Stories! They were so creepy in elementary school!"
"Aren't Grimm's Fairy Tales too scary for little kids?"
"Emily, did you read The Uglies? Soooo good!"
"The Giver will always be my favorite book!"
"Oh, that book Son - I knew that baby was Jonas - no, Gabe! I never got to finish it!"
"Ms. Brezek, I never liked books until you!"

Box after box, comment after comment, I unpacked my desk, they melted my heart....all over books.

Super love literacy and my former kiddos!

More classroom pictures coming soon!

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  1. What a NEAT experience you shared...precious words for a literacy teacher to hear!! ~Deb
    Crafting Connections


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