Saturday, November 2, 2013

Currently November

Wow, I can hardly believe it's November! The school year is flying by! Halloween has come and gone, I turned a year older, and I've almost finished my first semester of Grad School (the second Master's). Not to mention, I began a new job and I LOVE it! I work with amazing people and I'm learning so much!

So here we are again, linking up with Farley for Currently. Time to get to know a little bit more about the blogger behind BigTime Literacy. I give you Currently for November:

Listening to....

I've been obsessed with country music the last few months. I think a big part of it is because of a new station I found on iheartradio: The Big 98 out of Nashville....have you ever listened to it? I listen to their morning show and I love them. Great music, and their little line is something like, "A bunch of  friends with some microphones." Love!

New love: Blog-Hops

So some reading specialist and literacy coach bloggers got in touch with me to participate in a blog hop. I just learned what it is - there were about 25 of us and we all link our pages together and share tips about reading. Now, I'm a new blogger. BigTime Literacy has been around since beginning of July of this year. I usually get about 40 hits per post, but with the blog hop, I had over 900 hits on that post! I mean, it's insane! I had 2 followers on Teachers Pay Teachers and now have 17 and I almost doubled my followers on BlogLovin. I am loving blog hops!

We are planning another one: "The Gift of Reading" for the November. Follow me to get connected with that! There will be TpT freebies and raffles!

Thinking: Blessed in Friendship
On your birthday (mine was yesterday), you always feel the love. Everyone says hi on facebook, friends bring you treats and happy wishes to work and some come along to celebrate in the evening. I am so thankful for all of my friends - the ones far who called, the friends at work who said happy birthday and brought me gifts, and the friends who came to see Wicked with me last night or met up with us afterwards. Such a great night, and I am blessed with great people in my life. Lots of love to all of you!

Sidenote: Wicked is amazing!! It was my second time and I loved it just as much as the first. I still want to go and sit way closer, but even from the rafters it was a beautiful show. Galinda is hilarious and the music is beautiful...

Here's my favorite song from the show - Defying Gravity. I'm sure you've heard it before!

Wanting a personal grocery shopper

#firstworldproblems :)

Definitely not a fan of grocery shopping. I wish it would just magically get done. Especially where I live - I usually get half of my stuff at Target and the one by my house is insane if I don't go at like 8am. I asked a cashier one day and she said it's one of the busiest in the country (maybe she said it was the busiest...can't really remember). It's just such a big to-do. Any takers on this little errand?

Needing to take it easy...

I've been going-going-going since Wednesday morning - work, then grad school, then work on Thursday, then Halloween, then work on Friday, then out for the birthday. I am exhausted and probably overdid it...not feeling my best, but it's 3:30 and I'm still in pajamas and resting. I guess the homework will have to wait until tomorrow, too. Not even going to worry about it! Okay, I'm worrying about it, but trying not to.

I do work best under pressure...

A Yummy Pin: Rainbow Cake!

I was Rainbow Brite for Halloween! Here's a pic of Twink (my cousin Emma) and I from Thursday night:

Since I was Rainbow Brite, I had an excuse to make a rainbow cake! My sister gave me the link with the recipe and it turned out well! I made one for my mentee for her birthday to practice:

and then a second one on Halloween:

It's super cute and I love making them but they are labor intensive! I think I'm done now for least until a birthday for someone else! Click here for the recipe!

So that's all for me for November. Coming up I'm excited for Friends-Giving - going to Phoenix for the holiday! I'm sure this month is going to go by just as fast...I hope you enjoy it! Also, remember to follow me to be in-the-know for the upcoming Blog Hop!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Yum! That cake looks delicious!
    I have always wanted to see Wicked!
    and Happy belated Birthday!
    Crayons and Curls

  2. That cake looks amazing!
    Congrats on a successful blog hop. I am a new blogger, too; it sounds like this is a great way to pick up followers.


  3. I've always wanted to participate in a blog hop, any tips on how I can get involved? And I love the personal grocery shopper idea If only Amazon dealt in groceries.... :)

    Wild About Fifth

  4. Cute blog! Love the cake!!! I just finished my Master's in August so I know whatcha mean about the can always wait! ;)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  5. That cake is amazing! I found your blog through Farley. It's a great way to spend a Sunday : ) Blog hopping is always fun!

  6. I actually love grocery shopping, but ONLY under the right conditions: 1 - I am not in a hurry (which means it absolutely cannot be any time on Sunday, unless there's a Monday holiday), 2 - The store is not crazy busy (which means getting up early, but I can handle that), and 3 - Either my husband and I are both in cheery spirits, or I'm alone (if either one of us is a bit grumpy, it is NO fun!). So, on the weeks when the stars don't align... yeah, I could use a personal shopper : ).

    I will be finishing my coursework for my second master's in mid-January, and I CANNOT wait! It's a great program, but I am SO ready to be done. I've got enough homework from my job to keep me busy!

    Glad you're loving your new job! Hope you continue to have a super year!

  7. LOVE your idea about a personal grocery shopper! Also, you were an adorable Rainbow Brite and that cake looked fabulous! :)


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