Monday, December 2, 2013

Currently December

Wow, I can't believe it's December already! 2013 has flown by...but I'm so excited for what's ahead!

Like every other month, excited to link up with Farley for the Currently blog!

Alright, well let's get to it!

Listening to...A Charlie Brown Christmas
You know, I usually share a great song I've had on repeat for like the whole last month, but I happen to be writing this blog while watching this classic movie. I love it! I'm recording it, too. These kids are so mean to Charlie Brown though! And he is such a pessimist! The things you see differently as an adult...

Loving Arizona State Football and ASU Friends (and 1 Wildcat)
I got to go to Arizona for Friendsgiving, which happened to coincide with the ASU-U of A game. We killed them and it was awesome! Had a great tailgate with lots of friends and then a win at Sun Devil Stadium. Plus 70 degree weather and a break from work and school: Love!

Plus - not only are we going to the PAC 12 Championship, but we have home field advantage. U of A who? Stanford...we're coming for you! and we are ranked #11 in the BCS standings! Woooo! 

Thinking about my next visitor!

I'm so excited for one of my best friends to arrive in just two weeks from tomorrow! She'll be on her way to her family's house in Rhode Island, but she's stopping off in Chicago for two nights. We are going to go downtown to State Street and see the windows and the Christkindlmarket, have a few dinners, and then she's going to come to work with me for a day and see my school. She's awesome and I can't. Wait. for her TO GET HERE!'s Liz!

Wanting classes to end so holiday fun can begin
Ohh Christmas I long to get out the boxes and put it up! And I want to make cookies and start shopping and wrap presents and all that fun stuff. But, I still have one comprehensive exam and one more short paper to write. I am thinking that by this weekend I should be good to go!

This is on the list:

Needing to read up on close reading
What books have you read about this? I'm currently going between Notice and Note (Beers and Probst) and Falling in Love with Close Reading (Lehman and Roberts). And I haven't even read anything by Fisher and Frey...Let's just say, I'm behind in my knowledge here. If you have anything to send me that's a great read, please do! As soon as grad school ends for this semester, I will have some time to get to that. Annnnddd...I'll be in West Palm Beach with my parents for break, so I need some beach reads!

The proportions may be a bit off...but you get the idea :-)

Favorite Tradition: Sending Christmas Cards
I moved to Chicago in 2009 and that was the first year I made a Christmas card to send out to all my family and friends. For the longest time I wanted to send them, but thought that you could only do that if you're married or have pictures of kids to put on the card. But then I realized that I do lots of awesome things and I wanted to get in on the fun of Christmas Cards, so this year will be my fifth card. I love sending them and getting them from all my family and friends. I just ordered mine yesterday, so I'm eagerly awaiting that orange envelope from Shutterfly in a week or so!

This year I need to make some kind of display and found this one:

But....I don't think I have that kind of time to invest in this, so I will have to figure out another option. Either way, all my cards will be displayed in the casa somewhere. Now....who will be the first to get one to me?!

Well that's all for this issue of Currently! Hope you have a great December with your kiddos and a lovely break! I'm hoping to blog more once I get a little break from grad school, so make sure to follow me!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi Michelle - I just found you and am your newest follower. You gotta just love Currently with Farley that's for sure. I need to become more familiar with close reading too...that is something I'm going to learn about over Christmas Break. Glad I found you.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  2. Hi Michelle! I found your blog in the currently and I'm a new follower. I love that Christmas card display you found! It looks like a lot of work but you might have motivated me for another project! :)
    Beach Lovin' Teach


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