Sunday, February 16, 2014

A very late 5 for Friday!

I had such a great week last week and have been wanting to post but have been busy and relaxing. But, it's time now for Five for Friday! Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share mine from this past week!

The reading team was in charge of our Wednesday Morning PD so we presented differentiated sessions on Close Reading. Christine, one of our Reading Specialists presented a beginning session of Close Reading, just covering everything that it entails. Teachers who already heard this session on during our Institute Day in January came with me. I presented "Revving up the Rigor with our Questions." In this presentation, we talked about moving close reading questions from the Key Ideas and Details standards to Craft and Structure and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas. I showed lots of examples, like this one:

Teachers then had time to look at one of their guided reading books or an article they were planning to use and figure out questions they might ask.

This session was great, too, because a first grade classroom asked me to come model this in their classroom. It's strange - because I've been reading lots about close reading, but haven't got to teach it yet...super excited for next week in a first grade cotaught classroom!

On days when I present to our staff, I always make it a point to get a little more dressed up, so on Wednesday I was wearing a dress and pink sweater, some bigger jewelry, and I did my hair and makeup more than I usually do. A few hours after our presentation, I was walking down the Kinder hallway and passed by one of our sweet little guys who said in the sweetest voice, "You look beautiful, Ms. B." It seriously made my day!

Our kinder teachers have been using Words Their Way now for about 14 weeks and are just beginning the digraphs and blends unit. What's great about Words Their Way is the routine and consistency it brings. AFter 13 weeks of the same procedures, students know exactly what to do, so they can really get to business with their learning. Watch this video to see students doing a Word Hunt in books. They are looking for initial S, H, and SH words in their books. Then, they record them in their notebooks:

I love it!! Kids can really see the importance of sound sorting as they read hunt through their books and they get so excited to find words and read them!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my favorite Valentine's tradition: Warm Fuzzies:

I've been doing these every year since my first year of teaching... always with middle school, until this year! This year I asked one of the kinder teachers if I could try them with her class. Aside from me not realizing the fine motor skills they need to tie little strings - they loved them!

They said the cutest appreciations to one another:

"Thank you for sitting by me at lunch."
"Thank you for being my friend."
"Thank you for helping me with my sound sorts."

Additionally, a parent had emailed the classroom teacher about another question, but mentioned how she loved that the kiddos did this activity together. Winning!

My Valentine's Day was pretty great, too! I had no idea what we were  doing - the bf planned it all! We went to dinner at a Vietnamese Pineapple Calamari was served in a halved-hollowed-out pineapple and the bf's mango and coconut beef was served in a coconut. I'm not sure why I didn't take a pic, but definite points for creativity! We had a lovely dinner and got each other little gifts....couldn't ask for a better night!

Hope you had a great week and are enjoying a much needed three day weekend!


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