Friday, March 7, 2014

SOLSC #7: Break Up with my Shoes

WRITE. Every day in March write a slice of life story on your own blog.
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I have these shoes. They're converse and I got them when I was in on of my closest friends' wedding. We took some really cute pics in them, which I would find and share, except I'm in a crunch for time. But here are the shoes:

Anyways, it was a cool gift to get at a wedding....I still wear them now. I did today, actually! Here's the thing though: they are about a half size too big, so I have this problem that I always fall on stairs when I am wearing them. Like, this is a problem, because it's almost a certainty that I will fall if I wear the shoes.

Today I had a meeting at another school in the morning, so I headed over there. No big deal - we have coaches meetings every month or so. The meeting is on the second floor, so I'd have to take the stairs.

Well, back at my school, my office is on the second floor, and I didn't trip on those going and up down a few times already during the day when I was there. As I approached this staircase at the other school, I was thinking to myself, "Michelle - don't fall. Remember, these shoes always make you fall cause the top of them point out just a little too much, and you fall all the time."

When I saw that I always fall on stairs when I wear these shoes, I'm not exaggerating. On the stairs in my building at home. On the stairs at my friends' parents house. At school a few times in years past. I'm telling you - just a half size too big in these shoes makes a huge difference!

So there I am, walking up the stairs. I make it up two or three and thinking, "Sweet. I'm doing alright." Another one and I think of how embarassing it will be if I do fall, in another school and not at my own. Would kids see me? Would the other Literacy Coaches?


I totally bit it.

The water bottle I had in my hand went flying, and I hit my knee and the palm of my left hand to catch myself. Luckily I got up and kept moving really quickly, and I'm pretty sure no one saw, but still. I was *thinking* about not falling, as I was ascending the steps, and I still did.

My plan was to go to get some Vans after school, but then I got an invite to stop by the "library" with friends instead, so I took them up on their offer. Sorry, Holls....these Converse - they're going to Good Will!

Happy Friday!


  1. Think you are smart to send those babies to the Goodwill! Or only wear them on days when you don't have to do stairs! Way too dangerous! But they really are cute!

  2. It's so hard to get rid of shoes...even when there are issues. I feel your pain...I have a problem with shoes :)

  3. I kept reading your piece and hoping you wouldn't fall. I'm sorry you did but do agree the break up is necessary.

  4. At least they might go to good use for someone else! I enjoyed reading this slice, as someone who often had the opposite problem of too small shoes! The flow and transitions in this piece made it very easy to read!


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