Tuesday, April 7, 2015

s.o.l. tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, Slicers! Easter Sunday was such a great day - the weather was beautiful and we actually got to get outside on the softball fields and play a little bit!

It was a perfect day- sun was shining, light breeze, and you could be warm with or without a hoodie. There were five of us, so we had the perfect amount of people to play - a pitcher, a hitter, and three more to shag fly balls in the outfield. Unfortunately for Hektor's nephew, Aiden, he was running the outfield more than any of us, since he's young and a seriously amazing baseball player!

Now I'm on Spring Break and the weather is gloomy and grey. But, I'm thankful for that beautiful Sunday!

How was your holiday?


  1. We still have snow here in Boston, but we did get some warmer weather. Looking forward to no hoodies! Sounds like the perfect way to spend your holiday!

  2. What a lovely Sunday! Sounds like a fun Easter. Hope you enjoy your Spring Break!! We won't have another break until graduation :/

  3. Go away gloom! Hope you are enjoying your spring break and relaxin'! :o)

  4. I am on Easter break right now too. It has been glorious to be able to get up without an alarm clock and drink a cup of coffee in my pajamas. I'm trying to savor every minute. I haven't gotten on step of exercise in yet. Maybe tomorrow. Good for you for getting outside.

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