Monday, August 17, 2015

new presentation available!

Hey friends, hope all is well! I'm officially back from all travels so should be more consistent here on the blog. Last Friday I did a presentation for our middle school teachers about how to organize a block schedule, and as promised, here it is! You can click the picture to see the full presentation.

The focus of this presentation was Nancie Atwell's third edition of In the Middle. We spent a lot of time talking about scheduling, with some time saved for long term unit planning, but really, just an outline of that.

So that's really all for that presentation. I'm slowly getting back to work. Mentors met their new mentees today at a luncheon, so it was great to meet mine, she's awesome! I know I am going to learn so much collaborating with her this year!

The rest of this week I'll be back at school. I need to get some before shots of the space I'm sharing with my new team. That will be coming soon, and then the set up pics, too, later on. Stay tuned for all of that.

And, I still haven't forgot that I need to do my first periscope, so make sure you follow my Instagram to see when that's happening. I'm hoping sometime this week! Exciting!

What are you up to? Leave me a note!


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