Tuesday, September 1, 2015

currently september

Happy September! Back for another month to see what was new with all my blogging friends. Last month at this time I was writing from a beach, in Florida, on vacation with my boyfriend. This month I'm back at home, back at work, and single. So much can change in a quick month, right? Don't worry, I'm too angry to be sad, and the writing is actually quite therapeutic. 

So let's get on with it. Thanks to Farley for hosting us again!

Listening to Old Dominion 
You know, that song, Break Up with Him? Well, funny story. On vacation last month, the ex and I thought it was totally funny that the song started, "Hey girl, what'sup?" and so we listened to it a lot while we were together. Now I'm enjoying it for a completely different reason. #notreallyfunny

Loving Our new school year
We've been doing tons at our school to make things fun and positive. We met this week to plan out socials for the whole year, figure out appreciations we can do for our staff, and we even have a super fun idea for Halloween, but it's TOP SECRET! You're going to love it though when you see it! It' so important to build a positive school culture, and we're kicking butt at it this year!


Thinking about the weather
91 degrees on September 1st is too hot. I had to turn on my AC today. But, this is so much better than 91 below zero, so I will zip it!

Wanting Tieks
I still want them. I think about them all the time, and I've asked friends on my Instagram if they are worth it. Everyone says yes. I need to pay some bills down, but then they will be mine! Only need to decide on the color. I really want red flats, but I think I should get a color that will go with more stuff.... like a ballet pink? Thoughts?

Needing to go to Ikea
Anyone else want to go this weekend? I need a few things to complete our new classroom. This year, the reading team actually got a classroom space (moved out of the closet we used to reside in) and we are having so much fun putting it together. It's still not ready for the reveal, because we're waiting on a few things that were ordered. But, back to the point about Ikea - I think maybe I'll go this weekend, any takers?

Three Goals
1. Empower Staff
2. Read more books
3. Commit to be fit

That is all. Make sure you share your Currently with Farley over at her blog!


  1. I bought my first pair of tieks this summer. I purchased the Vegan Silver Lake. I was really disappointed :( They're not the worst flat...but I also have more comfortable ones that didn't cost anywhere near Tieks. I don't know if is because they're fabric or what, but I was bummed. I hope you like them! I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through personally...hang in there!
    Miss Johnston's Journey
    L. Paull Designs for All

  2. Sorry to hear about the changes in the last month! Luckily, teaching will keep you so busy you won't have time to think about it! Believe it or not, I've never actually been to an Ikea! I feel deprived!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  3. I want some Tieks too!!! Actually I want lots of things but I gotta figure out what I NEED first.
    The Brand New Pencil

  4. I totally want to know what you are getting at IKEA...

  5. I. love. Ikea. I can go in there and get lost for ours, but I don't have one near me! I've been wanting some Tieks too, but there are some other things I want first! I'm sorry to hear what you are going through, I hope it all gets better.

  6. I literally whined until I was annoyed with myself about how my my feet hurt and I can't find my flats from last year. No one deserved to hear me complain anymore so I bought a pair of dr scholls on Amazon for 35$ before bedtime. They came today! I love ikea and it's close by my house! You can prob stop by my house and shop for ikea furniture you've given to me as well!? Haha not sure if I'll be around as I think I've signed myself up to visit Gordon's family in Ohio! Woo wee! Love you Michelle!

  7. Oh tieks... they are just completely out of reach for my budget, but utterly beautiful!

  8. Your CURRENTLY list could be mine this month. The relationship I broke off at the beginning of August had only been four months long, but was not as honest and authentic and committed as I deserved it to am traveling solo again and focusing on my own self-improvement/happiness plan. I hope you are too. I went to IKEA in July for the first time and am dying to go back to get a bench/bookshelf for my classroom reading corner and a chair for my living room. I also suffer from the "spending vs. saving" battle and am trying to be better--starting small with less fast food and fewer gourmet coffee shop stops. It is hard though! I envy your district's adoption of Lucy Calkins. I am doing my own personal research on her methods and hope to incorporate as much as possible into my instruction this year. The series my district adopted two years ago and I just don't "jive."
    Sending warm hugs and positive praise your way,
    Stories and Songs in Second


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