Sunday, October 11, 2015

sunday letters

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Happy Sunday! Who else is on a three day, much-needed long weekend? Yesterday was awesome - only got dressed to go for a quick run, and just stayed home, relaxed, read my book, watched some Post-Season baseball, that's it! :-)

Anyways, if you're here for Sunday Letters, make sure to share yours with me below!

Dear Cubbies,
I'm pretty sure you're going to win it all, after all, Back to the Future predicted it!
Cheering for you,

Dear teachers who are 'just going with it' with your Calkins curriculum,
I LOVE to hear your stories about what the kids are doing in your classrooms as a result of Calkins. The ways the students are discussing text and planning for writing are so amazing, and much MUCH more rigorous than instruction I did in middle school without her curriculum. I know she's wordy, but stick with it, it's amazing work!
So impressed!

Dear Colleen,
Thank you for presenting with me at the IRC! I had such a great time hanging out, being inspired, and of course, planning and delivering a great presentation with you!

Dear Sister,
I can't wait to see you and jackfed in a month! Be thinking of everything you want to do and keep me posted! Excited!

Dear Bernie,
I believe! And I love the funny memes I find on facebook, like this one...

It's a political revolution! Keep it going!

Dear Blogging Club,
Can't wait to begin again on Wednesday! I'll be looking forward to reading your blogs this year!

A proud coach


  1. We don't use a writing curriculum, but I've heard great things about Calkins. Enjoy your 3 day weekend; we have teacher inservice tomorrow so our kids get a 3 day weekend.

    A Very Curious Class

  2. It's been fun watching the Cubs (and the Royals). Wish I could have been at the IRC with you and Colleen. Happy Sunday!

  3. Dear Michelle,
    I couldn't have and wouldn't have presented at #IRC2015 without you! You are truly amazing.
    Big hugs,
    Colleen :)
    Literacy Loving Gals


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