Tuesday, December 8, 2015

have lunch with more than your selfie!

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I got to work this morning and was a few minutes early so I logged into my email to see if I could start returning some messages before we began and I happened upon this in an email from a work friend:

A few weeks ago, I had been sharing about my Christmas card predicament, that is, do I send one anyways now that I'm single and it's just me on the card? I had a few ideas about what I'd put on it, and I was running them by colleagues as we at lunch together in the teacher's lounge.

The first group of teachers loved my idea, the second, not so much. But the second group did have a lot of new ideas for me. We shared those, and laughed a bunch togehter.

Teachers who are reading this, do you eat in your lounge? It's a non-negotiable for me. While there are usually 10-15 things running on my To Do list at any given time, for me, it makes my life easier if I can take some time away from my work to unwind, relax, and laugh a little with friends.

Because we spend time together, and share stories, we develop better understandings of one another. The people I work with are there to listen when I feel like crying and they're there to laugh along with me when I am happy. We get to know one another and care for one another, which leads to even better, collaborative working relationships.

So, to all you newbies out there, yes, teaching is crazy busy. But taking time for your well being and eating with your team, it's so so important. So set those papers down, forget the lesson plans, and pass the cookies!

Oh, and I am sending the cards...and they look like this:

It's perfect, #AmIRight? :-)


  1. Eating with others will always win out over plodding through work at your desk. Relationships are forged around a table. Love your card!

    1. Oh, I love that, and yes - relationships *are forged around a table!

  2. Love the card you are sending! A salute to friendships! I also got a huge kick out of the one you received in email. Funny!

  3. love your card! I don't eat in the teacher's lounge---we don't really have one teacher's lounge at my high school--I do look back fondly at my lunchtime memories from my former school, though. We had an awesome group that ate in the library with me and we will be forever friends.

  4. I also wanted to add that I know what you mean about the faculty room. I was really good for a while about eating in there and taking time. Nowadays, I barely ever do. It should be a resolution for the coming year!

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