Monday, February 1, 2016

currently february

Friends, it's February! I'm so happy to say sianara to January. The weather was sucky, I got in a car accident, and some other things that were not my fave. But February is here and it's time to start fresh and look forward!

Thanks to Farley for bringing us all together again! Hop over there and check out her new blog design, so so cute! Here's what's up on my end:

Listening to....the news - It's Iowa Caucus day!
This isn't too much, is it?

Seriously I'm totally #FeelinTheBern over here. I think he really needs to get Iowa tonight if he's got any chance at taking the whole thing, so hopefully all those people are out doing the Caucus. Also: idk exactly what caucusing is....anyone? Buellar? job, Literacy Coaching!
Few things: 1. Annie, another coach in our district, tagged a few of us in an article on Twitter and it was really good. It talks about how coaching happens one conversation at a time. Then, 2. today, I had a conversation like that and it was awesome. It makes me so happy to feel like I can help make a difference!

Thinking about...The Chicago Marathon...?
I recently started going to Old St. Pat's Church downtown Chicago and I just love it. In addition to feeling so uplifted at Mass, and learning so much through RCIA, they have all these awesome programs, including one to train runners for the marathon. I think yes! Any marathon runners out there? Thoughts?

Wanting... New shoes!
So I got a gift card for Tieks for Christmas (thanks sister!) and still haven't bought them because of some unforeseen expenses, but soon, very soon. I will be getting myself some ballet pink Tieks and I also want some new running shoes. I'm going to give Asics a try this time, after a lifetime of running Nike Free. Anyone run in Ascis? Do you love them?

Life is good. The days are getting longer, it hasn't been terribly cold, and I'm not digging my car out of snow! And speaking of my car...

Swooning...New Car!
So my car accident - made a crappy car a hopeless mess, so I took a payout on the damages (accident not my fault!), sold my car to CarMax and then my amazing parents chipped in a little bit of money to their poor teacher daughter (ok, I'm not poor, but I'm not sitting on a huge savings, either!) Anyways, now mine is a beautiful, smells-like-new-car, all electronic and high-tech, shiny, sleek, 2016 Civic:

I've driven all of the 53 miles this car has gone (except 6) and I just love it. Feeling very grateful for family that continues to support their grown daughter. I only hope one day I can do the same half as good as they have! Love you, family!

So that's where I'm at right now. What's new with you? Be sure to check out Farley's blog and link your Currently up, too!


  1. Congratulations on the new car! That's so exciting!

  2. I am a HUGE Bernie supporter. I have been phone-banking each week here in TX since Christmas break. I am so nervous and excited for this stupid caucus nonsense. SEriously like they get in a corner and count heads of supporters. Can we be any more loosey goosey in our polling? Have you volunteered yet? We have such a great group here in San Antonio, but I think many of my friends think I'm bananas. Oh well. I <3 Bernie!!!!!

  3. YES YES YES to the marathon! I am training for a measly half marathon, but I totally support anyone who can go the whole distance. :) My current sneaks are New Balance but my last pair were Asics and they were always good to me. Let me know if the Tieks are everything you always wanted!

    Emily from

  4. I'm also curious about the Iowa Caucus news, especially since we're next! (I live in New Hampshire!) Honestly, I can't wait until all the phone calls and flyers are done! (I'm not sure what a caucus actually is... I'm from a Primary state!) Congrats on the new car!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  5. I love the car!! Nothing like the security of knowing you have a car that will be dependable for a while. I'm also in need of a new pair of running shoes. I was running in an older pair of Adidas then bought a pair of Nike's. I hate 'em. I should spent the extra money and bought a new pair of Adidas. The Nike's are killing my feet. :(

  6. Fun, new car! I just got a new to me car, 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. I had a 2003 Honda before that and I was hoping to get 2 more years out of it but it didn't happen. It feels good to have reliable transportation for the 42 mi. round trip to school and back. Have a great February!

    Melissa Williams
    First Grade Frame of Mind

  7. Chicago Marathon? YES! I ran the Chicago for the first time last year and it was AMAZING! Before training for it I had only run 5Ks, so it is totally doable for mere mortals. I absolutely recommend group training, you will get so much more support - not to mention social opportunities - than you would going it alone. I trained with a charity, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training, and it was an amazing experience. I've already re-upped for 2016.
    And of course, nothing beats getting to run through every neighborhood of the city you love on streets closed to traffic! The Chicago crowds are fantastic and crazy motivating, too (and mind you, I'm a back of the packer; the crowds I saw had been out for a while)!

  8. I am needing/wanting/swooning over Tieks too! I wish I had a gift card! I will get them when the weather clears. Which will be May here.


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