Sunday, September 28, 2014

sunday letters

Join us every other Sunday and share your letters! Write to people or inanimate objects - anything you wish...just don't forget to link them up below!

Dear Mike Ditka,
Thanks for showing up today for the race! We had such a fun time and are already excited for next year's race!
A fair weather runner

Dear Self,
Next time you want to run a 5K - train a little? Luckily you had the bf to pace you, but that was rough. Also, the fastest 5K you've have in ages!
Couch Potato

Dear Holly and Siblings,
Glad you could all come and stay with me before the run! I had tons of fun, but as usual, there's never enough time. So, perhaps our paths will cross again in the near future, but until then, I have these pics to hold onto the memories

Dear NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia,
Thank you for not backing down to the Morning Joe guy this week on MSNBC! It's so great to have a leader of our union that gets it!
A Proud Union Rep

Dear Jan Richardson,
I'm so excited to tackle some of the lesson plans in your book, The Next Step in Guided Reading. I'm learning so much about helping my second grade readers improve their skills and I owe it all to you!
A Grateful Teacher

Dear Grad School Students,
I'm sorry (last time!) for not explaining what a thematic unit was! and that I didn't realize this until 9pm the day before the assignment was due! Just goes to show that when it's your first time teaching, things don't go as planned. Anyways, I'm glad the chocolate chip cookies helped a little last Thursday!
See you in two weeks!


Dear Illinois Reading Council (IRC) Conference,
I can't wait to get there next week! What's awesome this year is that it's going to be my first time presenting (Our session is called More than the Common Core: Empowering Students with Authentic Literacy) but also we will have a whole pack of Literacy Specialists there again this year. Super excited to see my favorite reading researchers and learn lots of new stuff!
See ya soon!
An excited Literacy Coach

Excited to read your letters!


  1. That's awesome you did a 5K and I love your shirts and mustaches. Too funny. Good luck at your conference!! I've been to IRC twice and I wish I could go back.

  2. I love your letters! I always tell my students that making mistakes is how we learn, but I really like the picture you included. Wise words. :)
    Happy Sunday!

  3. p.s. I loved the Jan Richardson book also!

  4. I am so happy to be linking up here for the first time! My friend, Em from Curious Firsties, recommended your blog! Thanks for the opportunity! I am going to put the Jan Richardson book in my cart today!
    Stories and Songs in Second

  5. Nice mustache! Can I borrow it for our next negotiation session? #justkidding #notreally

    Have a good week,

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