Saturday, October 4, 2014

late to the currently party

Whelp, I'm very late. It's October 4th and I'm just getting to Currently, but I have been a busy girl. I was at the Illinois Reading Council (IRC) Conference in Springfield - check out my posts before this one for more on that!

But, let's get to the party - thank you to Farley for hosting all of us!

Listening to...Marley and Me
Just a movie rerun to unwind with. Got home a few hours ago and already watched my DVRed shows (Scandal and Modern Family). So now, whatever is on for some white noise in the background is good for me!

Also, this commercial is so hilar:

Loving...being back at home
Like I mentioned above, I was in Springfield for the IRC, which was great, but it's always great to get back home, too. I'm actually so tired that I don't even want to go out and watch the ASU game at Cubby Bear. So, waiting on the boyfriend to come over so we can make some dinner and watch some movies. Sounds like a perfect Saturday night to me :-)

Thinking....about seeing my mentee tomorrow
So funny thing - one of my mentees lives like two blocks from me! Tomorrow we're going to meet up and talk Writing Workshop, one of my favorite things to discuss. Plus, she's awesome so I love to hang out. Hopefully the meeting up will be at Starbucks as well!

Wanting...a Goldendoodle
I seriously still totally want the goldendoodle Dudley. If you've been following me for any length of time, you'll probably remember me mentioning this, and watching Marley and Me isn't helping much. Super love puppies and really want a dog. Crossing my fingers that it's next summer!

also: naming him Dudley! get the grad school class I'm teaching wrapped up
I'm about to do weeks seven and eight with my first group of graduate students. Definitely felt a lot like a first year teacher - messed up a few things, but overall good experience. Because of my screw up, I'll be grading ALOT of papers next weekend. Doesn't sound fun, but when times like this happen, I just tell myself, "This too shall pass." And when it does (ends on the 16th), grades will be due the 17th, and then I'll be leavin' on a jet plane to Vegas on the 18th. So glad I have that to look forward to!

Trick or Treat? Treat!
Well this weekend there is a blog hop going on with a bunch of Reading Specialists and Literacy Coaches - and there's a freebie at every site! You'll have to hurry - it ends tomorrow, but there's some great stuff for you, including a plot diagram organizer from me. Click here to start on my post!

That's all for me tonight!


  1. Love your blog! Thanks for the link to the blog hop! I'm excited to check it out. I'm your newest follower :). That puppy is adorable! I'm glad I'm not the only one late to linking up! There's just too much to do right?

    Hardcore Teacher Resources

  2. Great blog--love goldendoodles! Eek! So cute! :)

  3. I love a great literacy blog! Glad I found you!
    An Adventure in Literacy

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