Sunday, October 12, 2014

sunday letters

Join me every other Sunday to share your letters.
 Write to people or inanimate objects...and then link them up below!

Dear first grade teachers,
I love that you are in the beginning stages of writing for social justice with your firsties! It's my favorite content to teach and it's cool to see what it could look like with our little kiddos!
Sincerely, a proud Literacy Coach

Dear Pandora,
Just found out about a station called "Yacht Rock" and it has all the songs from the 70's and 80's that my mom used to sing in the car when we would drive around and I love it!!! If you like songs like the one below - or you remember them from years ago and feel compelled to listen - check this station out! It's #amazeballs !
Love, an excited listener

Dear Self,
Great job trying out a new recipe: Buffalo Turkey Burgers. But, if you could figure out how to not make the burgers fall apart, that would be awesome.
Many thanks,
Chef Michelle

Dear boyfriend,
Your jokes really make me happy. My fave of this week, as we were running out the door trying to make it in time to see Gone Girl: Gotta get those tickets before they're gone, girl! hahhaha
Love you!
Also: We did not get tickets :-(

Dear Self,
If you could remember to close all of your windows this winter, that would be greeeeaaat.

Turns out that all of last winter - when my apartment was so cold and my heating bills were ridiculously high - I had a window open...every day of the polar vortex. Actually up until one day early last week. #fail
Sincerely, a more careful renter

Dear Second Grade Teachers,
I loved teaching writing workshop in your class this week - and I'm loving the independence you're building with your kids. One kid asked me to spell because for him and I told him, "Nope. Stretch your sounds and you can do it!" He replied, "Oh, I'll just get my Portable Word Wall!" You're awesome!
Love, a (once-again) proud Literacy Coach

Dear Graduate Students,
I'm kinda sad that we only have one session left - now that we finally got to know one another! It's been a great experience to work with you and I hope that you've been able to pick up some ideas about teaching that can help you in your classroom.
Love, Teach

Dear boyfriend,
I can't wait for our trip to Vegas for your brother's wedding! It will be a much needed break after all the work we've been doing the last weeks! Can't wait to go for a ride in the red rocks, see the Hoover Dam, stop at In-n-Out, celebrate Stuart and Ashley, and have a great vacation with you! Eeekkkk! It's coming so soon!
Love, Michelle


  1. I will definitely check out that Pandora site and I'm dying to see Gone Girl! Cute portable word walls... I think my students need that.

  2. Sorry, I'm so late to the game! I've got to put your link-up on my calendar like before. Anyway, I'm looking forward to finding Yacht Rock on Pandora and I bet your turkey burgers tasted scrumptious! :)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  3. Glad you found that open window now--and not in a month or two when it gets really cold!! Have a great last week with your BIG kids.

  4. Oooo... portable word wall. Why didn't I think of that?! Since I have so many grade levels, I think this is a great idea!

  5. OMG when I think of Yacht Rock, I think of "How looong...has this been goin' on?" you know the one?

    P.S. I've been meaning to do my personal student word walls for like, 2 weeks now! Thanks for the tip :)

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe

    1. Adriana - that song is totally on the Yacht Rock station! :-)

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