Thursday, November 13, 2014

thankful thursday

Another November Thursday and another chance to link up with Miss Lifesaver for Thankful Thursday! Here's a few random things that I'm thankful for this week!

I'm thankful for my ASU friends!

Each week I get to meet up with my friends to watch the Sun Devils do their thing and it's so much fun. Even the getting ready...consider this text message exchange:

No big deal, just the girls figuring out what to wear. So fun to meet up with these friends and even better when we win over a ranked team...we're ranked 6th in the nation now! :-)

I'm thankful for funny Internet memes!

I know I mentioned them on Sunday Letters, but Internet memes make me lol like nobody's business. Take for example:

hahhahaaaa. #trudat

I'm thankful for Fiverr!

Okay just learned about this site last weekend - have you heard of it? At first I thought it was pronounced like 'fever,' but it's actually like the number - fiverr. It's because it's a marketplace for independent people to offer services - services like graphic design - and everything costs $5! I finally found a cheap way to get graphics made for my TpT products. My first set of graphics are for my Writing Process Posters - be on the lookout for that soon! They look awesome!

I'm thankful that I work in a *public* school.

I can't say it more beautifully than one of my fave bloggers, Peter Greene. Read his blog, which was picked up by the Huff Post, here.

I'm thankful for my funny lunch!

I eat lunch with the 2nd and 3rd grade teachers, Christine our Reading Specialist, and our Speech and Language teacher, Maria. Every day it's something new that has us laughing like crazy and having fun. Today it was Dawson's Creek and how one teacher loves Dawson, while most of the rest of us loved Pacey. And then I made this - you know, since I love funny memes :-)

There's something to be said for going to lunch in the teacher's lounge and getting away from your work for a half hour or 40 minutes. Every day we have so much fun - and it's always been that way for me in 12 years of teaching. Teachers are better teachers when they can exhale and have a little fun!

So....Thanks to Erin at Miss Lifesaver for hosting. What are you most thankful for? Write a blog and post it on Erin's page!

Tomorrow's Friday! Thankful for that, too!
Hope yours is great!


  1. Totally team Pacey over here! Having a good lunch bunch can make such a difference! I LOVE when I sub for someone with 6th period lunch so I can hang out with my friends!

    Also, one of the many things I regret about my college choice was that we SUCKED at sports. I want to be able to cheer for my school like that. Maybe I can adopt one!

  2. It's the day before Thanksgiving, and by now you know that means it's time to start thinking about what we are thankful for. This blog post is all about giving thanks. We're going to look at some ways of being thankful in our daily lives: through gratitude lists, meditation exercises, and mindful eating habits. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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