Sunday, December 7, 2014

sunday letters

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Dear Emerson PTA,
I'm always impressed with everything you do, but the Breakfast with Santa yesterday was so awesome. I didn't get many pictures (I was working in the photo booth with Santa (which I'll post more about later!)) but there were craft vendors, a pancake breakfast, pictures with Santa, Letters to Santa - so amazing what a group of dedicated parents can do for a school and community. So impressed and happy to work with you! :-)
Proud Teach

Dear Bridesmaids,
You're hilarious, every time I watch. I can always count on a few laughs from your movie, exactly what I need right now!
Love, lol Teach

Dear Facebook,
Consider this *our* break up . I can't continue wasting time with you, or seeing a stream of things that are just, as to quote the video below, a "pageantry of vanity."
Love, Concerned Citizen

That's all for me. Two weeks till winter break - hope yours go well!


  1. Bridesmaids--definitely has funny parts. :) The video hit me hard. Just curious, what do you mean by breakup? Yes, two weeks!! We can do it and have fun and learn grade appropriate academics. Happy Sunday!!

  2. I have to echo Alyce's words, the video hit me hard as I try to type around a cat who refuses to take the backseat any longer to my tech world. Two weeks....

  3. Happy Holidays- I know I am counting down too! I agree- facebook and even blogging sometimes pulls me away from just being present in the moment.

  4. I deleted the Facebook app off my phone and it has been the best decision. I didn't realize how much time I wasted every day.


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