Wednesday, January 14, 2015

leave your ego at the door

Collaboration is happening so perfectly right now with one kid I teach.

I am with him for a 30 minute intervention with a group of 3 and then 1:1 again for another 15 minutes. Because I see this kiddo so often, it's very clear where he's making progress and what he still needs.

His classroom teachers are great - we work together so well so it's easy for me to run in and ask a quick question and the same for them to me! On Monday, one of his teachers emailed me asking about a specific phonics strategy he needs because she wants to tailor his word study even more for him. I suggested the Magic e rule because it's still not automatic for him when he's writing, and so she started with that right away.

This morning I already noticed that he was remembering that better as he wrote dictated sentences for me.

This is the thing with teaching - it can be *beyond* effective when we work under the assumption that we are all here for the child's best interest. I know that we all think this and say this, but are you really living it? It's going to happen that we make mistakes, and there are always instances when we could instruct more effectively, but are you comfortable telling your colleagues that? Do you feel comfortable saying, "Yeah, I screwed that up....but learned a lesson!" ? That's what it's all about. That right there, that's working in the best interest of kids.

Today I am so thankful for these awesome collaborative relationships with teachers here at my school. Love that our students are making gains because we are confident enough to share when we didn't get something right. What this also means is that we can celebrate when get it just right! (Like today!)

I know I haven't been around here much, especially with content blogs, but there are some coming soon, I promise! Here's what I'm planning to write about very soon:

Blogging with kids
Backwards Design Planning
Academic Parent Teacher Teams

Anything you're particularly interested to hear about first? Leave me a comment!

Have a great night!

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