Tuesday, June 2, 2015

currently June!

Wow, it's really June. As in summer is coming! As in three more days of work (only two more with kiddos). As in sleeping in until 8 and the Today Show with coffee! As in time to reflect, rejuvenate, and recharge! As in vacations! So excited!

Thanks to Farley who always takes time to host her party so everyone knows what is up Currently!

Listening to... Chelsea Dagger!

Yep! Blackhawks defeated Anaheim on Saturday night so Chicago is so excited for another championship series! Check out what I mean about excitement from boyfriend and friend:


Loving... summer vacay is almost here!
We would have been out by now, but had this problem in February:

I don't even care that we have three more days - I'm so happy that it's getting to be summer again. Well, wait. It was 44 and rainy all weekend - Cubs game cancelled, but anyways, I am hoping that there's some sunshine and warm weather in our future.

Either way, I'm sleeping in every day very soon!

Thinking....about all my new #shelfies!
I'm nerdy, right? But I am really excited to read a bunch of great books this summer. I already have Radical Reflections by Mem Fox and Reading Workshop 2.0 by Frank Searfini, but I just ordered:

And Serravallo's book is on the way, too:

What I know about myself as a reader: I need to schedule time to read. I always want to read, but if I don't plan it out, I get distracted and will choose writing (here, mostly) over everything - writing over exercising, over watching TV, over cleaning ....everything. I want to make sure I set time aside to read (and exercise!) this summer so I get to do all the things I want to!

Oh, forgot to mention that I will be rereading Daring Greatly again and holding a book study for it in July! It is part of my BigTime Blogging Challenge of writing every day, but each Thursday in July we'll be writing about the book! Check out the details of the writing challenge here and please join me for as much writing as you'd like to do!

What are you going to be reading? Should I throw a few more titles in the amazon cart?

Wanting.... a few of my friends to get on Twitter.
You hear me Jennie? and Katie? It's time. You're going to love it! You can thank me later :-)

Needing.... a clean, packed up, organized office
I'm talking about the one at work, the one where things just keep being dropped off, more stuff to organize, more stuff to put away. It's cool, but it's a lot of work, and I have just a little time left. and I have only one box.

Totally need an alpaca! :-)

Summer Lovin
So many things I'm excited about:

  1. My niece is coming for a whole week to stay with me!
  2. Going to California with girlfriends and then the boyfriend is coming too!
  3. Participating in Illinois Writing Project with my writing buddy!
  4. Going to Florida for a week and I'll get to see my mom and stepdad and relax on the beach!
  5. Lots of time to do whatever I want to do!

So that's all for June! Thanks for stopping by and check out my End of the Year Reflection Linky and my BigTime Blogging Challenge!

Happy Summer!


  1. I LOVE the shelfies hashtag!! SO funny!! Do you have any good summer reads to recommend?! Hope you have a great few last days with your kiddos!

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

    1. Hey Ashley! I usually don't like HF books, but I read Orphan Train awhile ago and it was awesome - couldn't put it down! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love the shelfies idea! I am going to need to read the Reading Strategies book. That looks awesome! I just finished a really good fiction book... All the Light We Cannot See. It was a really good historical fiction read. If you find that alpaca send him my way when you're finished with him? :)
    Joya :)

  3. You are so close to summer!!! You can do it!!!!I love the #shelfies hashtag and will be using it. I need an alpaca too to come pack my classroom! ;)

    I hope your last few days go smoothly.

    School and the City

  4. Looking forward to July's challenge. Daring Greatly looks very interesting. Now I have to decide if I can commit to one more thing! I am reading: On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City. So far it is a good read about life in the innercity and how not all opportunities are created equal.

  5. Good Luck Blackhawks!! Sadly we won't be meeting you in the finals... We're die hard NY Rangers fans in this house! I love your "shelfies" and think I might steal that word for a classroom bulletin board in the fall!
    Have a great summer!
    Smocus Smocus

  6. "Out of My Mind" is a fantastic read, really offers terrific perspective. Also, "The One and Only Ivan" is super fun. Enjoy them both, and I'll be cheering on the Hawks right alongside you! Happy Humans!

  7. I read "Out of My Mind" and really loved it. I then lent it to my friend's daughter and she loved it too. She did a 6th grade report on it too. Those other books look good, but I am not sure about "The One and Only Ivan" I have never been a fan of animal books.
    Lucky for me I have not extra work days. We had just enough snow days to not have to make any up! I do have 12 days left of work. I am so looking forward to the summer! I also love twitter. I do not have Facebook and twitter makes me so happy!
    I love your blog!


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