Thursday, June 25, 2015

dare to dream

This week, we're talking about future dreams on the TpT seller challenge. You know, I've never even had the thought that I could actually make a living from TpT, but if what you're all saying is true, than maybe that is the case! I haven't put too much time into it so far, but as I think of dreams for the future, it gives me so much inspiration to do so! So, what would I dream for?

1. Supplement my income
I mean, I've already done this just a little bit, but to make more each month on TpT, that would be awesome. Lots of people talk about wanting to stay home, but what is curriculum design without having kiddos to use it? I actually tried to work from home over one summer, and I went out of my mind - no kids to entertain me, no friends to talk to. Of course, I don't have my own kids yet, so my desires might change, but I love being in a school and being around people. So, to make some extra money doing what I'm already doing, awesome!

2. House in the City
I love Chicago. I mean, it has it's problems, but I would love to live here, given I could afford the kind of house I want. There's a beautiful one down the street from my boyfriend's place: 

Isn't it darling? (I actually took this one day last week just because I love it so!) The front porch is awesome, love the red door and the blue of the house. Plus, it's super close to a really nice restaurants, a Starbucks, the train. Awesome location. Only thing - it probably costs between half a million and a million. So, perhaps TpT can get me to this dream?

3. Pay off Debt
What I should do with any money that I make from TpT would be to pay off debt, mainly the student loan debt. I can't even imagine what that would be like, to not have that hanging over my head. When I consolidated my loans, I figured I'd be paying on them until I was like 65! To pay them off sooner would be great!

4. Travel
Last summer I went to Europe for the first time and I loved it! I would love to go back to Venice and Paris, and see all the other cities everywhere, plus, see the world with my love! Also, I would love to take my whole family somewhere... all of us together, maybe on a beach, sounds like a great way to celebrate hard work!

What about you? Join the #TpTSellerChallenge and share your dreams for your hard work on TpT. Make sure you link up with Amber, Ashley, Emily, and Jen and share with everyone there!


  1. That house is darling. If you work hard at TpT and love what you do, it can do great things for you. I wish you the best of luck in reaching your dreams!

  2. Thanks for sharing your dreams and goals! I always love when I read teacher's blogs and find out more about them as a person. :)


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