Friday, January 1, 2016

currently 2016

Happy New Year friends! It's's 2016! The years just keep flying by! Personally speaking, I'm so glad to be done with 2015, and I send it off with a whole-hearted #byefelicia! :-) I'm so thankful for a new year!

Listening to...The Rose Parade
It's a lazy morning over here, nothing really going on. Just hanging out, watching the rose parade. Haven't had my first coffee yet, so perhaps that's in order!

Loving yoga, just like old times
My sweet, awesome, hilarious friend took me to yoga last night and I just love it. It really is therapy, for the spirit, emotions, and a great workout. And, last night it was a fun glow flow, with all these glow sticks, and balloons and blinking lights...and great music. My favorite thing our teacher said:

#amiright ?

Thinking about writing
I really love to write, here on BigTime Literacy, in my many notebooks I have around my place and school, and this year, I'm adding something new. I'm going to be writing about my One Little Word in a notebook, and with prompts from Ali Edwards, the girl who started OLW! Last year, I kind of lost sight of my word, so I'm excited to devote more time to it this year.

Wanting another week of break
I mean, yes, just yes. 

Needing to put Christmas away
Time to clean up. I normally love everything about the holidays, but this year was hard; I knew it would be. So I'm ready to put it all away, and move forward....

One Little Word: Forward
Personal life: No more looking back, just visualizing the future I hope to manifest for myself.

Professional life: Looking forward to what opportunities may be out there for me; I'm really missing the classroom and my own students. Also, excited to apply for a PD through the National Writing Project, and potentially get selected for this 12 day course in New York City on the Holocaust and Social Justice studies (!!!)

Writing Life: I'm coming up on my 3 year anniversary here on BigTime Literacy, and I can't wait. I'm excited for new writing adventures that are on my horizon!

Health and Wellness: I want to move my health forward... not be insane about a number on a scale, but just help myself to feel well, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Eat foods that will make me feel great, and indulge when there are things to celebrate!

I wish everyone an awesome year in 2016! I'm hoping to go to the TpT conference this year....maybe I'll see you there! :-)



  1. Happy New Year! I, too, have been thinking about putting Christmas away...that is always my goal before I get back to school in January (which is probably why I am on here instead of doing! I love your word, and the thoughts behind it...good luck as you move forward!

  2. If you like yoga, check out Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. It's awesome! Last year she did a 30 Day yoga challenge and this year she is doing Yoga Camp, which is more about the physical AND mental wellbeing. Good luck with your OLW this year! Mine is Pause. :) Happy 2016!

  3. I love the idea if inhaling love and exhaling fear! A very dear teacher friend of mine is learning to be a yoga instructor. She keeps asking me to come to her classes (because they are free since she's learning) but it's 45 minutes away from my house (we live in opposite directions from our schools) so I've never gone.

    Good for you for focusing upon moving forward. I spent many years of my 20s (creeping closer to the big 4-0 these days) looking over my shoulder, which is unwise because it isn't like you get a do-over.

    Happy 2016!

  4. Oh My! So much goodness!!! The quote, the writing about your OWL (which I totally LOVE and am getting a notebook ready for that as I type, or as soon as I am done typing...), and going Forward. Good luck in all of it, Friend!
    PS could you share about the prompts for writing about your OWL? Thanks!!!

  5. I love your one word!!! Forward is awesome & can be used for all aspects in your life!!! Good Luck to you with all your endeavors in 2016, may it be a great one!!!

  6. I think that, going FORWARD, you are going to find greatness. I believe in you.

  7. I love your one little word. That's is all we can do...move and think forward. Love it!

  8. I LOVE hot yoga (even though I haven't been in a while). One of the things I remember from our teachers is when they would say, "The poses don't change. You do." I've really enjoyed learning from you and following your journey in the #compelledtribe. I love your word for the new year, and I know it's going to be an awesome year!


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