Tuesday, January 19, 2016

no buts

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I do recess duty with the fifth graders, and when it's super cold, we are forced to stay inside. Indoor recess with fifth graders is two sections of them and one of me in one of our large classrooms. This classroom happens to be upstairs, and lately, the students have been running up the stairs. Today, as we left the lunchroom, I asked them to please walk up the stairs to be safe.

Well, one kiddo took off running up the stairs with two friends, so I asked them all to come back. Except only two of them came back. So, when I got in the classroom, I found the third and asked him to sit down by himself since he didn't listen. I knew he would try and "explain" his situation, so I just walked away and let him be.

A few minutes later, I walked back and told him that I needed him to be safe on the stairs, which includes not running. He interrupted, "But I didn't..." to which I responded, "No buts." And my clever little friend who is smart beyond his years replies with a smile, "Well, also..."
I just laughed and had to walk away.

How I miss that middle school sassiness!

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  1. Middle school is my world - and your post speaks so much to why I love it!

  2. It's why I love popping in to substitute occasionally, to hang out with my middle school friends. Fun story and you told it well. I was smiling right along with you!


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