Tuesday, October 25, 2016

slice of life

It's Tuesday. My students created their blogs today and I had them publish their first post. (EEEKkkk! So exciting! I've already left them all a comment!) So, I should probably do the same and be a great model!

My slice comes from a small moment from Monday. It was passing period and I was standing in the hallway, supervising, high-fiving some students, joking with others, directing traffic to keep moving so the hallway didn't get congested. As the hallway started to clear out, one of the sixth graders came and gave me a hug. I half way hugged her back and then stopped and looked in her eyes.

"Is this hug for me or is it for you?" I asked her.

"It's for me," she replied softly. At that moment, I gave the kiddo a good hug. We had known each other since she was in third grade, just beginning writing in a fab writer's workshop, and over the years, we've learned more and more about each other.

She went on, "I just want to go back to Emerson. I miss it."

"There's a lot going on here in middle school, isn't there?"

She nodded and I continued, "Yeah, it's busy. Lots of teachers, lots more kids. Maybe some drama with friends, but today is just one bad day. Today is just one hectic day. Pretty soon you'll go home and rest, and then you'll have a fresh start tomorrow."

She nodded, and I sent her on her way to lunch.

Life is tough. There's so many demands on our kiddos - school, and friends, and family, and hobbies, and sports, and chores. Plus a million more. It's so nice when kids ask for what they need, like this case when this kiddo came for a hug because she knew it would make her feel better. But what about the kiddos who don't? 

Let's all check in with our students and children tonight and tomorrow. If they are not asking, let it be us who do so!

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  1. What a great moment! It is the little things like this that keep some students grounded. As teachers it is so important that we make our kids feel safe - in middle school it is harder because the students want to feel grown up and unfortunately many of them are dealing with very 'grown up' problems. Thank you for the reminder to check in - I'm going to make sure I do that today :)



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