Monday, October 10, 2016

Tree Thoughts

I don't know why I am so drawn to trees, but I am.

One summer day I sat on my couch and could hear the leaves rustling behind me and I loved it so much I took an Instagram video of it.

When I wake up in the morning (when I don't have to leave early for work) the light that is cast through my kitchen and living room windows is so pretty - the light comes through the leaves outside my windows and dances around my apartment.

I love fall. (I know, so basic.) But seriously, look:

This book, of course.

And is it a coincidence that Arbonne, a product line and health and wellness philosophy I have come to love so much, means beautiful tree?

I'm drawn to art that includes trees, too. About 5 years ago at the Frankfort Fall Fest, there was this artisan who created these beautiful mosaics, and my favorite one was a tree. If only I had $300 at the time, that piece would be here on my wall at home.

And then just this week, on Twitter, I saw a tree that was part of a writing workshop, and etched into the trunk was "Writers grow together," and I am in love:

Speaking of etchings, I've always wanted to etch initials into a tree trunk with some special someone, you know, like this:

The past few days I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what it is about trees that draws me so much to them...?

Is it because living without trees in Arizona all those years has me really appreciating them?

Or maybe it's because of their roots that has them grounded firmly. The best people I know know who they are - when you go out into this crazy world, if you don't at least know yourself, you can be easily manipulated...

Which brings up another quality of trees, flexibility and bendiness. While you do have to stand for something, it's also important to be flexible enough to compromise.

Is it because the leaves change colors and fall away? Last time I had a breakup, this quote spoke to me pretty profoundly:

Or is it because the courageous few, who sometimes, step out onto that limb? Like having that hard conversation with friend or family member. Or walking up to someone you'd like to know to say hello. Or sharing Arbonne, even when people are so judgy. Putting yourself out there isn't easy, but it can definitely yield some pretty amazing results.

So this fall, as you go about your busy days, slow down to notice the trees around you. And, in a few weeks, stop by my classroom to see my Writer's Workshop Tree. It's going to be a daily reminder of all that trees bring into our lives!

Am I missing any other awesome tree references?
Leave me a comment to share them!


  1. Biff in Back to the Future always getting the line wrong: why don't you make like a tree and get out of here" but in all seriousness, I love this post. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. What a beautiful collections of your thoughts. So reflective and spot on. How kind of you to share with us.

  3. I love a good tree, especially in the fall. My son was born in October, and I remember leaving the hospital with him on the way home for the first time, and the leaves had all changed. Now every year when the leaves change, I think of his entrance to the world. Thanks for writing this.

  4. This is so true! I love that quote nowπŸ™‚

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