Sunday, February 1, 2015

sunday letters

WRITE your letters on Sunday.
SHARE them with me here on BigTime Literacy.
GIVE some comments to other bloggers!

Glad you could stop by for Sunday Letters! Let's get this party started!

Dear Tiger Blogging Parents,
Thank you for engaging with your children and leaving them comments on their blogs! As any good blogger knows, the feedback we receive via comments really encourages us to to keep going, keep writing, and keep sharing. We're getting ready for the Slice of Life Story Challenge in March where students will write every day for the entire month! We will definitely need your support during that lengthy month!
Sincerely, a proud blogging coach

Dear Mariano's,
Thank you for stocking two of my new favorite snacks:

These Kind bars are a new flavor: Pomegranate Pistachio and they are delicious! The Pomegranate and blueberry makes it sweet and all the nuts make it a filling snack! Also, they are non-GMO and gluten free which is great by me!

Then, the Honeycomb Chuao Dark Chocolate - I originally had this as a gift from a student for Christmas (thank you, it was so thoughtful of you and it's delicious!) Now I keep just a little chocolate in the house each week and this is my fave! I just have to keep some self control because that first one I got as a gift - I ate the whole thing in one evening!

Much Love, girl with a sweet tooth

Dear Kinder Teachers,
I am constantly learning so much from you! This week I loved how you showed me your anecdotal notes you took on student writing. Kids were writing Informational Pieces about animals. They began with a web, drawing what they knew about a particular animal. Then, teachers had them write what they drew. Rather than the teachers writing the correct spelling on the webs, they took these notes on a roster so when students went to write their first drafts, they would have to work through the spelling of their words again (rather than copying what the teacher had written). I know it's this little thing and perhaps basic knowledge, but I thought it was a great way for kinder students to continue to grow as writers!
Sincerely, a Literacy Coach who is always learning

Dear Pinterest,
Thank you for the fun, entertainment, and usefulness of your site! Today's top picks are as follows:

Usefulness...made this dressing for a week of Greek Salads but haven't tried it yet! (Click the pic for the recipe!)

Fun, well, funny...yes this is my corny humor:

and more funny - providing afternoon entertainment:

I appreciate all you bring to my life, Pinterest!
xo, happy Pinner

Dear Self,
You always do this - get a manicure and then have other errands planned right after. And you always screw up your new paint job right away. Today it was 5/10 nails that took a hit. Next time - get a mani and then go home and do nothing!
Sincerely, Too busy to take a break

That's all for me today! Who are you writing letters to? Be sure to share them here!


  1. I love how well your blogging club is working out! It sounds as if the bloggers are motivated *BigTime*. What a nice bonus to have the parents' support, too. Kinder teachers always impress me. Writing informational pieces with little ones must take some patience. I'm so busy I rarely have time to get a manicure. Kudos to you for having at least 5 out of 10 nails looking fab because all 10 of mine don't look so good right now. =D Thanks for hosting the link up!! ;)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  2. We love the Kind bars too! My youngest if gluten free so she takes them in her lunch! I was so happy to look at my feed this morning and see Sunday Letters! Happy Sunday!

  3. Mani problems for sure--I can relate. I did my nails yesterday evening, then sat on the couch for the rest of the night, watching tv. So happy today that they still look good. Sorry about yours.


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