Sunday, February 15, 2015

sunday letters

WRITE your letters.
LINK them with mine.
SHARE the love via comments!

Dear readers,
I hope you'll write your letters and link with me! Write to friends, family, enemies, inanimate objects - whatever you feel like! Also, working on the image for the blog post above...I like it better than the last one, but not 100% just yet. What do you think?
Eagerly anticipating your feedback,
:-) Michelle

Dear Two Writing Teachers,
Thank you for hosting the Slice of Life! Last year I invited Jennie B, who accepted, and this year I'm bringing along Miss Lifesaver,  Just Jantz, and my Tiger Blogging Club! Any other blogging friends want to join us? A month of writing - what could be better?
Sincerely, a pumped writer

Dear HomeGoods,
You had such great prizes for our Slice of Life writing challenge in March! I know the kids will love the notebooks, colored pencils, and Bright Ideas notepads! Can't wait until we're all in writing mode, for 31 days in March!
Best, a Grateful Shopper

Dear JB,
You really inspire me - I loved hanging out with the new teachers this week, even going over the Danielson Rubric (of all things we could do!) It was so cool to talk through each of those items and talk about teaching with the newbies. I love how just straight to the point you are, and I learn a lot about coaching and mentoring from you, so than you for planning the gathering!
Hugs, The 'weird' one

Dear Teachers,
Always, always, always be a part of your union. Pay the dues. Attend your monthly meeting. Stand in solidarity with your colleagues and work together for the best working conditions. Some states don't even have this luxury, so here in IL as Rauner begins his work unraveling the unions, know that sticking together is in our best interest!
Standing beside you,
Union Rep

Dear Boyfriend,
I had such a great Valentine's day! Thank you for the flowers and the little Dudley pup - which will do until we can get our own Golden Doodle! I loved watching True Detective with you and our dinner trying a new place. Spending days like this - and all days with you - are my fave!
Love, Michelle

Mini-Dudley will do until we get our real pup!
Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! See you Wednesday for the What I'm Loving blog!


  1. I love the new image! You are definitely Limited Edition. Love you!

  2. I love your letters this week! I echo the one about your union. I see the unraveling beginning in Kansas too. We need to stand together.

  3. Now that was fun!! Thank you! I love the image, but I'm not sure what the old one looked like. Looking forward to next Sunday,

  4. Love your letters!! Thank you! I am going to link up now :) And The Two Writing Teachers....what a great blog!!!

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