Wednesday, February 18, 2015

what I'm loving wednesday

WRITE a list of things you're currently loving.
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❤ my work soulmate

Yes you heard that right. Today, there we were in our office, talking together and like usual, we say, "I'm so glad I have you." but today it was, "I'm so glad you're my work soulmate," and then laughs and laughs and laughs. We really crack each other up, and also, we're always there for each other. Love.

❤ my mentees
Mentoring is awesome. Every year I love the new friends I make, and this year is no exception. I love that we can joke together and I love that they will come to me if and when they have a question or need something. I love how mentoring them makes me a better teacher and colleague. I love sharing new ideas with them and texting for 25 or 30 minutes in the evening just to share our days. I love the bonds we have made, and I know that these girls will continue to be very special people to me for years and years to come!

❤ this post from one of my Tiger Bloggers
You have to read this post one of my kids wrote. In it, Alex explains why he loves blogging - to share what is going on in his neighborhood and to share his feelings - pretty similar reasons why I love it so! If you are even considering blogging with kids, DO IT! It's totally worth the energy because once they get it, they're so into it! It's engagement at it's finest.

❤ Papyrus cards
These cards are like $6-8 but I don't care because I *love* them! (As a blogger isn't it obvious that words and puns are the way to my heart?) Check out one of my recent faves I got the boyfriend here. I was just at Target picking up a few birthday cards and think the ones I got are perfect for the birthday girls!

❤ my new iPhone 6
I mean, does this need any explanation? More storage, too, which makes me so happy!

Okay that is all for me! What are you loving at the moment? Link your favorite things with me!


  1. I absolutely love your little guy's blog post! I'm sure the iEngage attendees are going to love stopping by your booth to learn all they can about students using Edublog! :) By the way, I'm jealous of the storage you have on your iPhone 6 and definitely need to upgrade my iPhone 4. Lol. Have an awesome day at the conference with my school "roomie"!
    Literacy Loving Gals

    1. P.S. I know what you mean about building relationships with your mentees. Mine all rock, too. ;)

  2. "Work Soulmates" I love that!

  3. Love this post!! It is so fun to share positive posts! It sounds like you have some great people around you and I think that makes all the difference in our career!


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