Saturday, February 7, 2015

two little words

Over the last week, I had been organizing a lot of books that were ordered - poetry collections and text sets for each grade level K - 5. This week, I added all the titles to a google doc, boxed up the books, and got them into our book room. I kind of like this kind of thing - gathering materials and organizing them, especially when they are put to use with teachers and kids. Our fourth grade team is already planning a biography unit with their kids and fifth grade is getting ready for book clubs - and we ordered a variety of titles around the Great Depression so they can take a crack at Historical Fiction.

That was a decent part of my week, but other than that, I was kind of in a funk. It started with the blizzard on Superbowl Sunday - I ended up burning all the transmission fluid from my car which caused it to not reverse. (Scary, right?) I thought I was going to have to replace the whole transmission, but I just had to flush the fluid, so that was a relief. So the car drama, and then I had some things due at work and I just put a lot of pressure on myself - I create so much stress for myself than needed!

There's a point to all this, I promise!

On Fridays, I send out an email each week called the Literacy Scoop - it's just announcements and appreciations to our staff. As a coach, I get to see amazing literacy-related things our students and teachers do on a weekly basis, so I love to send shout-outs to teachers and kids and share the great practices that go on in our building.

This week, I shared about the Poetry Collections and Text Sets and shared a few other announcements. Then, this morning, I woke up two two emails that were a simple Thank You for organizing the book sets. It's two little words - but the power they have are amazing. Just from those emails, my bad mood was lifted and I feel so much better going into next week.

I've written about positivity before, and I'm at it again because it's so important at work. Well, it's so important in all parts of our lives... in all our relationships, a little thanks really does go a long way.

So this week - notice the little things people around you are doing. Tell them thanks, write them an email or send them a note. In addition to them feeling appreciated, giving to others lifts our spirits as well!

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  1. Aw! I love this post. And it makes me miss you. When are you free? We need to hang out somewhere cheap and with healthy options since we're both trying to be good! haha


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