Wednesday, March 9, 2016

failed a test {sol 3.9.16}

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There I was, under cloudy skies out on the blacktop at recess today when two fifth graders came running up to me. A converse shoe plopped down in front of me and Naylani asked, "Ms. Brezek, can you tie my shoe?"

While trying to keep my eye on half of the fourth and fifth grade in my general area, while staying clear of the football that kept flying towards my head, and while waiting for another kiddo to come back and talk to me about an incident just before, I quickly make eye contact and said, "Nope, sorry. Ask a friend."

Lizzy interjected, "Ohhhhh, Ms. Brezek, you're the first failure."

All of a sudden, the football game couldn't seem further away and it was as if it were just the three of us there.

"What do you mean?" I protested.

"Well, this was a test of generosity, and you've failed. You were the first teacher to fail it!"

I interrupted, "Well, which teachers tied your shoe?"

"Mr. D, the sub, and a sixth grader in the middle school."

"Ok, well go ask Mrs. Jantz and see if she'll tie your shoe."

The girls ran off, across the playground, and even though I should have had my eyes on all the kids playing around me, all I could do was watch and see if Mrs. Jantz would bend down and tie the shoe.

Before that happened, though, Mrs. Jantz was laughing, and there was no shoe tying, and I was thankful that I wasn't the only person who wasn't generous that afternoon.

I'd like to say that one day I'd pass that test, but tying shoes is not something I do in elementary school. Well, maybe for a kinder who couldn't find a friend to help out... but definitely not for a fifth grader!


  1. Ok. So I have to admit... This made me laugh out loud.
    How fun that these 5th graders created a generosity test, and how FUNNY that they view an untied shoe as the defining factor! Gotta admire their gumption, though.

    I would have totally failed, too!

  2. Wonderful slice, and generous of you to share!

  3. I love that the kids came up with their own test! And I would have been just like you with the protest. :)

  4. I can't believe they asked a substitute!

  5. I love that these kids value character. They may not exactly understand that word, don't have the trait well defined or maybe it's just misnamed, but they are curious about the character of others. That's pretty deep, and I totally dig it! Great slice, thanks for sharing!

  6. The generosity test! What creativity!

    I think I may have passed. I'm a sucker for untied shoes.

  7. You may have failed the generosity test with shoe tying, you are certainly passing it by sharing this slice! :) What a great story to share with us! :)

  8. I love it that the students are running a generosity test! Why don't you concoct a listening test! Hahaha! Thanks for this post.

  9. I still you Failed my and Naylani's Test Ms.Brezek. So disappointed


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