Sunday, March 13, 2016

that's just science {sol 3.13.16}

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Yesterday was St. Patty's Day - a big day in Chicago! Every year, the river gets dyed green, and thousands of people come out for the event. This year, my friends and I got tickets for a double decker boat, to see the river being dyed from the river!

Not sure how, but I was super early and the first one there, so we got a great spot on the top of the boat. As we were standing there, someone said something about being further from the water (because we were on the second floor).

A view from the top of the boat

"Yeah," I said, "Downstairs you're closer to the water."

Boomer replies, "Well, duh. That's just science," and laughs at me for saying something that was obviously common knowledge.

Awhile later, he takes a trip downstairs. When he comes back, he tells me, "You're right, it *is so much closer to the water."

"You mean it's not just science?"

I guess seeing it with your own two eyes is much different!

The view from downstairs


  1. Sounds like it was a fun day! I've always wanted to go to that but never made it out. I'm not a huge crowd person. Great pictures though!

  2. Oh I miss Chicago at times like this! St. Patrick's Day is a hoot in Chicago! Enjoy!

  3. So jealous. We watched it on TV, but you got to live it! We see a local waterfall go green on St. Patrick's Day. Small potatoes compared to the Chicago River!


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