Tuesday, July 15, 2014

do you like you?

Have you seen Colbie Calliet's new video, Try? I heard about it on the news yesterday and decided then and there it was worthy of a post asap. Take a few minutes and watch....

One part of the song goes like this...

Wait a second.

Why, should you care, what they think of you
When you're all alone, by yourself, do you like you?
Do you like you?

I can't imagine being a middle or high school girl in 2014. Our media - the music, movies, TV, Internet - it's all crawling with photoshopped perfection that our kids think they have to emulate. I'm in my 30's and I still have these conversations in my head about my body image and thinking about the weight I should lose or how I should change something about the way I look.

But at the end of the day, I like myself. I'm proud of the woman I've become and my accomplishments and I can give myself lots of positive self-talk to snap that negativity right out of my head.

But can our girls do the same? Our daughters and nieces and students - do the conversations in their heads go the same way? When they look up to us, are we saying things to ourselves like, "I wish my hair were straighter." or "If only I had enough money to buy that dress/makeup/manicure" Do they hear us speaking positively of ourselves and others?

We need to be sure we are being the right model for our young ladies, and that starts with the way we talk to one another and talk to ourselves in the presence of our young ones.

Let's help our girls see that they don't have to try so hard to fit in and belong, because they are beautiful at any age, at any weight, on any day of their lives. Let's have conversations about treating others the way we want to be treated and setting good examples for our peers. Let's help our kiddos know that they are all loved.

So this year, as you head back to your elementary, middle, or high school kids, find some time to let them know just how special and unique they are. Spend time talking about what is going on in their lives and how they're feeling. Pay attention for conflicts and use it as teachable moments about acceptance of others, even in our differences.

and to all of my girls...

Take your make-up off
Let your hair down
Take a breath
Look into the mirror, at yourself
Don't you like you?
Cause I like love you :-)

Mom in back, sister on left, and my Monkey :-)

Niece and Goddaugther
Some loves from my last middle school team :-)
My last volleyball team....
and cheerleaders :-)


  1. While I was growing up, my family would say, "The most important thing a girl wears is her confidence!" It's true. Compelling post, Michelle. It really is a shame how advertising has affected so many girls and women in a negative way. Just love yourself, ladies! ;)

  2. Great post, again. I need this reminder all the time. Thanks.

  3. I love your post. I think growing in today's world is so hard. We all need acceptance.

  4. One more thing, that maybe everyone could hear. I get positive emails sent to me daily. I just left a portion of a specific email on Carrie's Comments. It follows the theme of your post today. Take a peek. ;)

    "Have you ever considered the power of the statement, “I am”? What follows these two simple words will determine what kind of life you live. “I am blessed. I am strong. I am healthy.” Or, “I am slow. I am unattractive. I am unworthy.” The “I am’s” that are coming out of your mouth will bring either success or failure. All through the day the power of “I am” is at work in our minds. Many times we use the power of “I am” against us. We don’t realize how it’s affecting our future."

    1. Colleen, what site sends you those emails? It kinda sounds like the passages that would come from that book I wrote about - the book of awakening! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Replies
    1. Deb, that video is a great reminder and something to share with our girls! Thanks for sharing! :-)


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