Tuesday, July 22, 2014

summer bucket list

I know, I know. This should have been posted hours ago! Sorry it's so late being published, but I've been really enjoying sleeping in! You understand, right? :-)

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I saw that one of my friends wrote a summer bucket list and as I was reading it, I was nodding along with her - she said she had a mental list in her head when summer started (me too) and that she wanted to put it down and figure out what she still needs to do. So, Just Jantz, thanks for the idea! (You know, imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?) :-) Anyways, here's my summer bucket list...

1. Go to Europe - well you all know that is done, but it was on my list and I got all prepared and went. Kinda wish there was another fancy excursion on my list still!

2. Plan and present PDs with the other Literacy Coaches - I've got four down and one to go. Need to keep on reading this book today:

3. Order an Erin Condren Notebook - that's on my list to do today... so excited!

4. Reread The Daily Five - ehhh, didn't do this. I was also planning on reading all of the Lucy Calkins new curriculum for third through fifth, and I don't think that is going to happen....but I already read a lot of her stuff from The Art of Teaching Reading, so I think I'm okay. Plus the awesome Lit Coaches from D100 taught me tons!

5. Do a blogging challenge with all of you - in progress!


6. Get a group together to play volleyball at the beach - not sure when this is going to happen, but I really really want to play still!

7. Get a bike - done and done! Yesterday I took my bike to a shady spot on the lake to do my reading and it was awesome!

Office for the day!
8. Get a Jawbone UP24 - did it! It's like a fitbit and it tracks your steps, sleep, and exercise. You can can also put your food into it. It's all bluetooth enabled, so the only reason you have to plug it in is to charge it once a week. It's really cool and I'm going to write about it after I have some more data in the app. Plus - did you know Best Buy will price match to Amazon? They do and it saved me 20 bones!

9. Make this awesome school-spirit wreath for football season:

Found out about this through one of my new blogging friends - Confessions of a Teachaholic - but now my ASU friend Kristy and I are going to have a craft date to make maroon and gold ones. Joann Fabric didn't carry the maroon deco mesh, so I had to order from Amazon, but so excited to make this and put it on the door! (Side note: Offered to make the boyfriend a UF wreath in orange and blue and he told me that he couldn't hang anything on his door per the HOA. Then I said, "Well, I think your neighbors do...look there are hooks on their doors!" Well, he was just being nice....this is clearly too girly!)

10. Visit my family in Charlotte - doing this next month but excited to see my Mom and stepdad, Rob, and my sister and her whole family, and her new house. It's been more than a year since we've all been together!

11. Take a quick weekend trip with the bf - we kinda talked about going to Cedar Point or Milwaukee or Lake Geneva. Jury is still out on this, but that would be a fun weekend for sure!

12. Finish the running records for TpT - I wish I was better at TpT, but if I can pick anything else to do, I'll probably do the other thing. So, maybe I'll make one today - I think I'm close to finishing the first grade set!

13. Buy some school supplies - Bought a few so far, but I love back to school time. (Random: Was talking to the boyfriend. Me: ohhhhemmgeee, I love back to school sales, don't you? Him: No, why? They bring back all these feelings of anxiety!) hahhahaa, I couldn't disagree more! Markers and folders and new pens...yes please!

14. Meet up with my new blogging friend, Erin, from Miss Lifesaver - not done yet, but hopefully plans are in the works! It's so cool what kind of opportunities blogging opens up to you. I have some virtual friends who write amazing blogs and I feel like I know them just because I read their blogs all the time. Was hoping to make a Midwest Blogger Meetup, but it's going to be the weekend I'm in Vegas for a wedding, so Erin, let's hang out soon!

15. Spend a little more time with these two:

I saw them for about an hour yesterday and I LOVE them - they are one of my best friends' kids and they are awesome - at the age where they have personalities and they're funny and they love to play games and do yoga and just super cool little people. I love that Heather takes time to let them talk to me on the phone and FaceTime sometimes, because even though they live in San Diego, they still remember Auntie Michelle. Can't wait to see them next week and have a new adventure in the city!

I was shooting for 15 things, but I just remembered one more, so it's a list of 16 now!

16. Figure out how Just Jantz and I are going to decorate our office. I am definitely going to buy a new lamp and a new bulletin board this year and maybe some other little decorative things to make our office feel like home away from home...can't wait to figure all that out!

Well, that's my list. What's on yours? Feel free to compose a list and link it up here!


  1. I love bucket lists. 1- Make that cute wreath from #9. 2- Go to American Girl Doll Tea Party with my Daughter. 3- Try all the best coffee shops in Wicker Park (only 3 more to go) 4- Read!!! 5- Keep trucking along with this blogging challenge

  2. So, this morning I totally enjoyed staying in bed late and reading blogs. Made me smile. My sons are nagging us to take them to Cedar Point (probably next summer), hope you have fun, whatever you do!

  3. Oh, I'm so honored that I made your summer to-do list! I'm super excited to hang out!!!!

  4. Hey Michelle! Love your summer bucket list! It's hard to believe summer is happening so fast :(. It's awesome that you already have a bunch of PD planned and presented. I always feel a huge sense of relief when that part is over. Awesome books you're reading too! :) Hope you're having a great summer.

  5. Hi there!I am your newest follower. I found you through our Midwest Blogger Meet-Up facebook group. I love your bucket list for the summer. I really need to do one, considering there is still time left. I often get so distracted after the 4th with back to school thinking. Good luck crossing things off of your list!!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  6. Yeah, I wanna make a college football wreath too! And take a weekend trip! And ride my bike! I think I need to make a list. Thanks for the tip ;)

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe

  7. I wish I would have started a bucket list at the BEGINNING of the summer, so I would have made a little more effort to get things accomplished. However, I sure am glad I got to know you through your blogging PD and challenge. I'm really enjoying myself. I'll have a school year bucket list sometime soon, though. Thanks tons, Michelle! ;)

  8. I'm one of those with a bucket list in my head too, only I forget things so I probably should have written it down :) I ready daily 5 again this summer. It's a super quick read and such good stuff! I keep hearing about those notebooks, I'm going to have to check it out. Maybe if I have it to write things down...

    Camp Kindergarten

  9. I'm not gonna lie..I got excited to see my wreath on this post! It makes me feel so "Big Time" :)

    I think next year, you should do a Summer Bucket List linky! Maybe then I'll accomplish so much more...accountability is everything!

  10. love this!!! and thanks for the shout out :) I'm excited to decorate our office and make it feel like home away from home! I'm going to hit up ikea and get some frames for inspirational quotes i've been keeping track of! I'm sure I'll walk out with more than just that though!


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