Saturday, July 8, 2017

home sweet home

Of all the neighborhoods in Chicago, I'm happy to live in Bucktown. (I'd be happier if I could afford to buy a place here, but all in good time!) The other day I was out for a walk and snapping pictures of my neighborhood, so I thought I'd share!

Super close, just a few little neighborhood blocks away, is Holstein Park. Here you can see the field house and the lawn out back. In front of the field house is a pool and a park with some equipment. There's always tons of moms and their littles there, and also during the summer tons of kids from city summer camps. Sometimes they have movies in the park, here too!

As you walk thorugh the neighborhood, you'll notice lots of gardens for everyone to enjoy. Next weekend is our annual Garden Walk so everyone is preparing their best for that event when neighbors get together to walk around and check out what everyone created.

It's also nice to have a Starbucks close by, which I don't frequent that much. Mostly when I have to do some work for school, feels a little better with a Cafe Mocha in hand. What I love though is it's super close, walk over, and sit on the patio if it's nice out!

Corepower Yoga is just a bit further. I love to walk there because when you get out of hot yoga, a walk home is a perfect way to cool down.

Also, not pictured but just to the right of Core Power is an awesome hamburger joint - Small Cheval. Great burgers and drinks and also a very nice patio!

We also have quite a few more parks just off the 606 - it's an old train track that was rehabbed into a walking path. You can't see the 606 here, but this is one of the parks just adjacent to it, including a coffee shop (and to go window) right in that beautiful mural.

If you happen to visit Bucktown, here are some recommendations for food, love all of them!

Stan's Donuts
AMK Kitchen
Blue Line Lounge
Small Cheval
Pequod's Pizza (not quite Bucktown but very close!)

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  1. What a great place to live. I loved the tour!!!

  2. I might need to go to Stan's when I am in your neighborhood. :)

  3. Yay! Thanks for the tour! Makes me want to venture to your neighborhood!
    I missed two days of blogging. And today (Sunday), you have not posted yet. So I'm putting it here. Day late to the party, but I'm ready to party! lol.


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