Thursday, July 6, 2017

what I'm loving

It' summer break and there's so many awesome things I'm loving right now, like...

What day is it?

Eating dinner at 10:30pm! That's crazy... and awesome.

And then, staying up till past midnight.

Stopping for lunch and then sitting and reading a book, as long as my heart desires.

Getting a super cute 1st bday card from a friend at work. "Crash, Bang, Roar, come party like a Dinosaur!"

Summer romance :-) :-)

Sangria. Going to attempt to recreate Spanish Sangria for Saturday's Family Picnic!

Sundays for yoga and church.

When your sister is having TWINS!!

Pretty Princess Time (PPT): skyping your bff when you wake up and are looking awesome.

Traveling abroad - opening your heart and mind.

#D100pride Summer Selfie Bingo - check it out on our hashtag on Twitter!

What are you loving today?

I can't wait to read your posts for BigTime Blogging Challenge 2017! Leave your permalink in the comments and feel free to share on SM with #btbc17!


  1. You have so many amazing things going on!!!!!! Twins?!?!?!?! That's such a blessing!!!! I also love reading how you love church on Sunday. I feel the same way... I look forward to mass every.single.week. Thank you for sharing these amazing things!!!! I'll have to remember that for next Wednesday!

  2. Summer romance?! Do tell.

  3. And days of the week... Do they even matter? Lol. It's a great summer!!!

  4. I got my first Bingo yesterday! Ha!

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