Wednesday, July 5, 2017

paella for days

Prior to going to Spain, I watched a few Rick Steves travel videos. What I came to learn is that ham is super popular in Spain. Check out this spot, just off the city center in Madrid --

Ham Museum? No gracias. I'm not a huge fan of ham. I'll have a bit on Easter and that's enough for me.

Another popular cuisine in Spain is Paella. Paella is this grain - sometimes like rice, sometimes more like a noodle, cooked in a huge... frying pan, maybe like a cast iron one? and then you add different things to it - seafood, chicken... dare I say it... ham?

I ate Paella for the first four days in Spain...

Paella in Valencia was a bit different, the grains were more noodley...

And I tried crawfish...sweeter than I thought it would be!

By the end of all of this, I was ready for tapas. And also missing pancakes and a burger back home, both of which I have had since my return!

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  1. Great idea to do some research before you went. I've finally made it to an age to be adventurous with new foods. Perhaps a trip to Spain...

  2. Here's my post! I agree with Alyce, it's easier to become more adventurous with food as you age. And I think I would like the more noodly paella.

  3. Way to go trying those foods! I'm loving hearing all about your trip through Spain. We had exchange students from Valencia when I was younger. I loved it!

  4. I'm getting a late start, but here goes!


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