Friday, July 7, 2017

nothing to say

and my post is late.

There are some days you don't feel like writing.
But you told yourself you'd write every day in July, and so here you are, writing about nothing.
Life happens. 
You are sometimes busy with plans.
And other times you find yourself in misunderstandings that only time can heal.
So you're sitting here, staring at a blank screen, cursor blinking.
All you want to do is take a nap, but you must persist.
You scribble some words down on the website.
You click publish,

and remember that tomorrow is a new day.


  1. Yep. I've had days like that. Plans are good, too. :)

  2. Totally. And I post them with the knowledge that I'm not enlightening anyone and they might not even enjoy them. But sometimes, when I finish them,I like them. Even though they don't say much. The last time I posted I actually had a lot to say and yet my brain would not even cooperate.


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