Tuesday, March 14, 2017

sol17 #14: there's always tomorrow

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I want to do everything, but then I get tired.

Like, I want to do all these awesome things for our Holocaust unit. And so I start, reading 10 picture books that the kids will read, creating my butterfly and doing the thinglink tags. And then there's the documents the kids need as directions. And I want to get it all done and now,

but then I get too tired.

I check my inboxes on my phone, hoping for new comments on my blog, and Yes! there's one! and it's from my friend Jennie and she's amazing, commenting not just on my blog but also on my students and so I want to comment on her students' blogs, too,

but now I'm too tired.

On the weekends I have a lot to do to create a successful week. Like grocery shop, prep a week's worth of healthy lunchs and make protein bars, do laundry and clean the apartment. And I want to bake some treats for friends and also marinate that chicken and all this is fit around having a social life too, so not everything gets done because

I just get too tired.

And my kitchen table is about toppling over with mail and other things I need to sort through, since that table is more for collecting than eating, and I want to get to it,

but right now I'm definitely too tired.

And my brain goes 100 miles a minute thinking of all the things I have to/want to do... schedule my observation - finish lesson plans - write tomorrow's blog for Slice of Life - write a snail mail letter to family or friends - run to Target because I'm about out of toothpaste - watch that new episode of First Comes Us - check to make sure my name on the travel website matches my passport.... and I'm doing one thing but then I go to another without finishing the first and I want to get them all done, but just thinking about all of it

makes me too tired.

And so since I was inspired by another person's blog today about how there's always tomorrow, I think for today I'll be done and I'll rest, because without enough down time

I'll definitely be too tired

to even entertain starting the massive to do list.

Here's the padlet where I hope you're all adding ideas!
And here's the link to Two Writing Teachers where you can definitely read some posts from other kids like you and probably be inspired!

And since we'll have Quick Writing time in class, I'll leave you with this quote. You're writing - you're putting words on paper, so you must know that it is true that you're real writers now! I'm so proud of you!


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  6. What does "creating my butterfly" mean?!? Get some rest! Unfortunately, we aren't related to Wonder Woman...

  7. I had the same thoughts yesterday. There's never enough time in the day or enough energy and focus to get it all done. I hope you took some time tonight to relax. You deserve it!

  8. Your post is too perfect, you must be mirroring my life. I so enjoy reading your blog and I wanted to be sure to comment today before I got too tired and didn't get to it yet again. : )


  10. I love the style of this post. I relate to you because students can be stressed too. Just looking at all my school work makes me too tired. Hahaha, no but I understand you. My mom is very stressed and depressed sometimes or 'too tired' also. If I was at your house I'd help you clean and do everything. I'm just a clean freak. Letting everything just sit on your mind (or in your house) will make you stressed. Good luck with everything!❤️


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