Monday, March 27, 2017

sol17 #27: hey, it's okay

Hey, it's okay...if you really are at a loss for ideas on the blog post today. Publish something that is just okay anyways.

Hey, it's okay.... if you slept almost all of Saturday. Waking up at 7:45 to get somewhere by 9 had your pretty tired, so it's cool that you took a 3 hour nap.

Hey, it's okay....if you haven't really cleaned your apartment in about 5 months. (Don't judge me!) I mean that I haven't washed floors and windows. Spring break is coming, spring cleaning is coming!

Hey, it's okay...if you've listened to Ed Sheeran on repeat for at least two weeks.

Hey, it's okay if you like Snapchat and Bitmojis and you're in the second half of your 30's. Your students think you're 26, after all.

Hey, it's okay...if you write a blog that comes off like it's kinda boastful, but really, you just don't want to forget all the nice things people said to you one day.

Hey, it's okay...if you mess up sometimes. Just say you're sorry and make it better next time.

Hey, it's okay....if you didn't send your bff her Christmas present until March. She understands.

Did you read my post above? The idea is to give yourself permission to mess things up, start with "Hey, it's okay..." and then fill in all the things you wish you had done better. Give it a try or check out another idea onthe padlet. Or leave a comment for some other bloggers!


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  3. In the morning

  4. Love this idea! Made me smile!

  5. This was GREAT! I love that you haven't cleaned because girl... I can't even remember the last time I did my windows. Probably a year ago. Not even sure if I'll accomplish this over spring break. :) Love your blog!!!!

  6. I love this format! So relatable. My apartment needs a good cleaning too... when was the last time I mopped? And snapchat is fun at any age!

  7. Sick?

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