Thursday, March 16, 2017

sol17 #16: 90's throwback songs

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I was just reading a bit. I'm currently engrossed in The Hate You Give. Reading probably doesn't seem slice-worthy, but this part I just read I found to be so super creative!

The main character in the book, Starr, was mad at her boyfriend and was talking about how she was going to respond to him when she saw him next, except I've never seen it done this way. She contemplates...
I don't know. Before Khalil, I planned to cold-shoulder Chris with a sting more powerful than a nineties R & B breakup song. But after Khalil I'm more like a Taylor Swift song. (No shade, I listen to Tay-Tay, but she doesn't serve like nineties R & B on the angry-girlfriend scale.) 
She goes on...
You know what? I'll Beyoncé him. Not as powerful as a nineties R & B breakup song, but stronger than a Taylor swift. Yeah. That'll work. 
Such. Good. Writing. I just love it. And for any of my students who might be reading this, let me school you a bit on 90's R & B. Here's the song I'm envisioning Starr was thinking of in this part of the text... here's my favorite video, or you can just watch the one I've embedded (a live version that is just ok):

And after going through a bunch of songs, I found a few more I just loved in the 90's...check them out: Sittin up in my room, shoop, and waterfalls. and one of my first CD's had this song: weak.

Yes, I was a teenager in the 90's, kiddos. How much top 40 has changed!

How about a blog about your favorite songs? Or your favorite songs a few years ago?


  1. Best of Berwyn

  2. A time I planted a flower open my link to see more about it.

  3. PI

  4. Helping do chores:

  5. When I went to downtown with my friend

  6. The day I painted my room

    In the mud with Mona

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  9. YES! Just like Brown Girl Dreaming, THUG was a book that made me wish it came with a playlist. A 90s teen myself, I also appreciated the references. Such an important book.

  10. Love me some 90s music!!! Great post!

  11. I don't know any of these artists but I'll check them out!



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