Saturday, March 18, 2017

sol17 #18: pb & j friends

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My bff Katie and I had a bet once. Well, I'm sure we've had lots of bets, but I remember this one because I won. Yep, that's right. I won. I outsmarted her. She wouldn't want to admit it though, but the secret's out!

You know those Uncrustable sandwiches? These:

Well, the schools I worked at in Phoenix always has these. One day, I didn't have a lunch, so I got one, but I didn't like it. It was waaaay bigger than the ones that you buy from the store. It still tasted the same, but the filling was just too much - too much peanut butter - too much jelly.

Katie and I used to live together. Some time after I had this Uncrustable at school, I was at home and hungry, and happened to have some of these in the freezer. I got one out to thaw and eat, and I mentioned to her how the ones you buy at the store are smaller than the ones at school. She said, "No they're not." I told her, "Actually they are." We went back and fourth arguing about this for awhile before she finally bet me about it. That was an easy bet to take, so we shook on it and that was that. I couldn't wait until Monday to make her wrong...I knew I was so right!

The following Monday, at lunchtime, we headed down to the lounge which was conveniently right next to the cafeteria. I grabbed one of the sandwiches and took it to the lounge, and waited for Katie to get there. By this time, I had let all the teaching friends know how wrong Katie was about to everyone was waiting for her to arrive to meet her fate.

She walked in all proud, but I was quick to show her the ounces on the Uncrustable from school.... I was jumping around all excited because I was right, and more importantly, she was wrong. She's always winning bets, so don't feel bad for her :-) I haven't been right many times, so I never forget this instance.

So that has been our little joke ever since. Now, we find little peanut butter and jelly pictures online and post them to one another's facebook, including this one that she posted on my page on my last birthday:

One of my favorite things about friends are all the little jokes you have with this, and this one is one of my faves!

And so, few years ago, we had Thanksgiving together. Katie's taught me how to make the turkey, stuffing, and all the sides. I thought that since we were going to make the whole thing ourselves, I should find a gift that would be useful for us I scoured the Internet high and low and found this:

It's our PB & J and I found an lady on Etsy to put it on an apron. Love it!

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Happy Saturday, bloggers!


  1. A time I thought someone how to write

  2. Love that PB&J can symbolize a special relationship with a friend. Sounds like a lifelong BFF!

  3. That is pretty adorable, from your excitement about being right to the matching PB&J aprons. Having a kindred spirit is the best!

  4. I bet my best friend in college that chocolate chip cookies were better made with Crisco as that is how I was brought up. She was a butter fan. She won. I only use butter in my cookies now.

  5. So cute! What a great and entertaining friendship to have.

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  9. You look so pretty in that picture!❤




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