Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Currently!

Linking up with Farley at ohboy3rdgrade for the first Currently of 2014! Hope your year is off to a great's what's up with me!

Listening to....The Alternative Project
I know I've mentioned iheartradio before, but it's on again, this time a little alternative. I like to mix it up a little bit, so I had it going in the background while I set up the thing I'm loving right now...

Loving....My writing desk!
Yes, I finally got it! I found it a long time ago and even mentioned it in my blog here, and I got it for Christmas from my dad and stepmonster (just our little joke!) ;-) My office isn't anywhere near being finished, but I'm excited to have a space just for working that won't take over the kitchen!

Thinking....about all the work I have to do
Yes, we go back on Monday and it's a Professional Development day. I worked on one of the presentations I'm doing with my friend Rach (hahhaa Rachel!) so that one's about 99% done. Worked on my other presentation on the plane home from Florida, so I'm good for Monday, but I have another one for the evening of the 15th. When I work, I'm so busy. And then it's break, and I'm totally shut down. Recharging, thank you :-)

Wanting....A cute chair to go with my new desk
I'm thinking something like this:

Maybe not just plain white, but a pattern of some sort. I was looking at like office-y chairs, but I think it would be cuter to have something like that. So, Home Goods? Marshalls? TJ Maxx? You know the Maxxinista knows where to find a deal!

Needing....Remote Start for my coche
Do any of my readers live in Chicago? Well, it's been snowing for like three days straight. I think it's finally done now, but digging out the car repeatedly is not my idea of a good time. I live on the second floor and my windows face exactly where my car lives, so it would be peeerrrrfff. But, don't exactly need that like I need to pay for grad school, so I will get some better boots instead.

btw - this is a real thing:

The blog where I found this is actually a great post. Read about why we love Chicago here.

Favorite memory from the last two weeks:
Visiting my family in West Palm Beach and making them wear headbands to take pics:

My stepdad looks all happy in the picture, but it was like pulling teeth to get him to put that hat on. Do you notice my mom's reindeer headband? Love it. My fave though is the Christmas Tree headband!

 Thanks for a great break family! xo

That's all for me in January! Hope you have a great start back to school and enjoy your last few days of break if you're still on it!

Be sure to head over to Farley's page and link up with her for Currently!

Happy 2014!

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  1. Hey Michelle,

    I just found your blog on the Currently Linky Party. Man what a drastic change you had from sunny Florida to snowy Chicago! :) At least you will be nice and tan in the snow. Haha! Glad I found your blog...because I too just switched from classroom teacher to interventionist/coach. :)

    Can't wait to read more posts!!

    Mind Sparks


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