Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Currently and the Loving Literacy Blog Hop!'s February already. As my friend Anita would say, "Time is going by so so fast!" Yes it's true! But I would like for this winter to hurry up. It's snowing again in Chicago, but luckily no polar vortex to report, so that's good news!

February Currently! I'm excited for Valentine's Day with the little kids. I hope some of the classes do the little cards and I'm looking for a class to do Warm Fuzzies with....but I will be writing more about those later!

Let's get on with Currently!

I super love Blake! and, I love this song so so much. I finally downloaded it yesterday and listened to it about 10 times on the way home. Love this song, love Blake. Check it out!

This is random, but I love funny memes on the Internet. I was going to write about how I love that show Scandal but then I was thinking I already mentioned that on this blog. I was looking for funny images to go with it and found this:

People are so clever and funny. If you're ever bored, pick a topic you like and search funny memes for it. I bet older students could write funny stuff like this...could this be a quick unit of study for middle school kids at an inconvenient time of the week before spring break? I would love to see what kids come up with!

We had our second Academic Parent Teacher Team meeting a few weeks ago. At our meeting we showed the parents the levels of the books their kinders were reading - Fountas & Pinnell levels A-D and told them the expectations is to get the kiddos to D by the end of the year. The conversation was interesting...There were a few parents who were kinda outraged and thinking it's not developmentally appropriate and we're putting too much pressure on our five and six year olds. (I agree....but I know we can get them there!)

So then I got to thinking about helping the kids meet the expectation. I pulled some level D books and will be writing more about this later, but it's a lot of attending to patterns. Our kids can decode the books and have the 1:1 correspondence, but it's the big picture and inferential thinking that gets them. Stay tuned for more on this!

Winter to end already! Luckily there's no polar vortex going on right now in Chicago, but the snow is coming down! Sometimes it's so cold the heater in my car will barely work and I'm sick of shoveling the snow off my car. I can't wait till it gets just a little warmer so I can start running outside again. I think I'm going to do another 5K at the beginning of summer to have something to work towards. I'm not awesome at running, but that Couch to 5K app works pretty well! I feel a color run in my future! (And a tutu to boot!) Who's with me?

To get back to yoga....Some people tell me that yoga isn't real exercise, but they do not know how much balance, strenght building, and cardio it is (when you're moving in flow with one breath to one movement). Yoga just makes me feel clears my head and makes me pay attention to how I'm feeling. I had to quit because I wasn't using it with grad school and I've just been kinda lazy this winter. You know, when it's like 2 below 0 you don't really want to do anything but be warm in your house...but I'm feeling too lethargic lately - like no matter how much I sleep I have zero energy. So, today's the day. Going back!

I quit grad school....TRUTH! I was not loving it, and I'm not even sure if admin is for me, so yep...dropped my two classes and feel great about it! Now I have more time to do the things I love: write my blog, go to yoga, hang out on the weekends with friends and my fave people!

Speaking of my fave people...

Got back together with the boyfriend...TRUTH! We had broke up for like six months last year and then got back together in November. He makes me happy and things are good! Here's one of my fave pics:

I am moving to California....FIB! If I ever move from Chicago, that's where I would go. Two best friends live in Southern California just north of San Diego, but time isn't right right now....but one day I'll be ready to be done with these winters!

That's all for today! If you're bored this weekend or stuck inside due to cold weather, check out the blog hop I'm a part of: 25 reading experts all sharing their favorite book and free resources to go with it! Freebies in effect until the end of the weekend and then they become paid items, so hop to it! Click the image below to start...and I'm on stop #12!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I've been thinking about trying yoga and I think you've just convinced me! I've been working on losing weight and now I want to add some exercise to my plan. What are your recommendations for starting a yoga program?

    Also, I hear you on the snow. My two-year-old has begun to shout at it and tell it "no"!

    Joy :)
    Joy of Teaching

  2. Sorry about all the snow. I am lucky enough to live in L.A. so I have ever seen snow at home twice in my life. We can drive to the snow, though. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice see a literacy person. My son repeating 2nd grade is finally getting ahold of reading but it was a long time waiting for that to happen (some kids are not ready so early). Best of luck with everything!
    ~Lucy at Kids Math Teacher

  3. There's a mud run north of Chicago on May 31st you could work towards! :-)...Mudderella! I will be there (my insane friends talked me into it....) :-)

  4. Love your blog and REALLY HAPPY the move to CA was a you honey!


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