Sunday, September 14, 2014

sunday letters

It's time for the Letters Linky! Have you linked up yet? It's super easy - just write some letters to your family, friends, colleagues, or any inanimate object. Then, link your Letters blog with mine! It's a great way to wrap up the weekend and also start thinking about the week to come!

Dear Negotiations Team,

Thank for all your hard work in negotiating a new contract for us. I know it's so many hours but I really appreciate it. Especially the clause about Academic Freedom that has been written in. I'm hearing from teachers who are working in schools where every moment of their day is scripted. That's not teaching!
A proud union rep

Dear Graduate Students,

Thank you for being open to learning and trying new things. I bring Best Practices to you and encourage you to try them out in your classrooms!

Dear Boyfriend,
It's our third year two-and-a-half year anniversary this weekend - the third weekend of college football! Thank you for reminding me last night! I love everything about us and look forward to what the future brings!
Love, Dud

Dear JennieB,

Well, I did have a nice letter about how I'm not a blog bully, but then I saw this on your blog:

So it makes me happy! I'm so glad we work right across the hall from one another! You #thebest !

Your neighbor

not a bully! :-)

Dear Blog,

I miss you. I never have time for you anymore (well, once a week, but I think about you far more than that!) Hopefully towards the end of October I'll be less busy and we can spend more quality time together. Looking forward to it!
a barely-there blogger

Dear Chicago Weather,
It's cold and I have my heat on! I was ready for cooler temps but I was thinking I'd sleep with the windows open for a few weeks first. I did not have this in mind!
Looking forward to a warm-up!
A Confused Chicagoan


Dear Bruce Rauner,
I know you want to pull a Scott Walker on the state of Illinois, but I'm not buying what you have to say! The dismantling of tenure and pouring more money into charter schools are not what is best for education. If I have any say in it, you will not be moving into the Illinois Executive Mansion!
Grrrr, <-- What other angry closings can I use?

Dear Teachers,

You have to get out and vote! Please be informed and vote for what's best for teachers and students! (Out of these two, it's Quinn!) Get to the poles in November! You're registered, right?
Do it!

A very concerned teach

Dear Christina,

You were the super nice high school girl at UIC College Prep who helped me on Thursday and I just wanted to tell you that talking to you has made me think even more about teaching at the high school level! Since leaving middle school, this has been on my mind, but having a super nice conversation with you today as you helped me get my classroom unlocked was inspiring. Thanks for being so helpful and for showing me I just might love to teach older kids, too!
A future high school teacher

Dear Buzzfeed,
I am a white girl and even though I do all of these things you mentioned, I don't consider myself 'basic,' so take it easy! I was laughing so hard reading this, and today I bought a pumpkin candle and am already planning my trip to the pumpkin patch! Don't judge me!
*sophisticated* white girl

That's all for me today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and link your letters here!


  1. Yes, agreed. Vote in November and thank you to the Negotiation Team! Well, Happy Anniversary, Non-Bully! I hope it's a great day for you. Celebrate big. :)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  2. Love your letters. The weather--do I wear flip flops or boots? I don't know! And having open windows would be nice, maybe it will happen for you and me yet. Have a great Sunday!!

  3. Dear Blog Mentor,

    Love this linky, thank you for sharing your letters today :)

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe

  4. I love fall and everything pumpkin flavored. Thanks for sharing Blogging Bully! Love you!

  5. So, Friday's lesson was about how we have to be aware of biases (and examine the connotation and denotation of words) when studying history. Somehow, this led to a conversation about what it means to be basic because I just didn't understand it. They told me it means you're just like everyone else. That being said, I DID go to an apple orchard today! But if I brought my black boyfriend, am I still basic???? This is me STILL not getting the rules! lmao

    1. I had no idea that 'basic' was a thing either - I thought it was just that person on buzzfeed who made it up! I'm going to look it up in urban dictionary!
      btw - I have a pumpkin candle lit as we speak! :-)

  6. I missed the letters link-up :( We were in Vegas and I seriously thought about still blogging and then I stopped myself and enjoy the sun. I LOVED the Buzzfeed and I agree with you- our negotiation team rocks!!


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