Monday, September 21, 2015

Classroom Reveal

Friends! Finally....our room is ready enough to show you!

It mostly was taking a long time because our rug was on order for weeks. It's beautiful, though, right?

Let's start with the amazing colleagues/friends I share a space with --

Christine, on the left, is our Reading Specialist. She sees small groups for our Tier 2, and then some kids 1:1 for Tier 3. Alexa, on the right, is our Bilingual Interventionist. She coteaches in third and fifth grade writing classes and then gives a few Tier 2s and a Tier 3 - in Spanish! Then there's me, in the middle. As the Literacy Coach, I work with classroom teachers on the Universal Curriculum.

The doors leading to our room are double, with bulletin boards to each side. We've got this one going for the year, with little pictures of the books we're reading. When we finish them, we move them over to the yellow bulletin board on the right. And, the cute bunting welcome sign above, Christine made that one!

Just inside the door, this is your view:

The main part of our room is a 12 x 18 rug where kiddos read. As you look back, Alexa works by the window, Christine on the right hand side. My space is in the corner next to the book's the other side:

Tall bookshelf has all of our fiction, picture books to the bottom two shelves with baskets of poetry and biographies (now just realizing I should probably move those to the little shelf!) Middle shelf has some books in Spanish and easy chapter books, and then top two shelves have chapter books. We have a little stool over there so our little kiddos can reach! The other book case to the right has all the Nonfiction.

Just to the right of the bookshelves is my space:

I've got my desk and then a little table. I see one kiddo for a Tier 3, but then sometimes teachers come visit or we have meetings, so we've got a table to use. Then, just shot some pics of the things that make my space feel like home!

One day last week, I was sitting at my table with my little kiddo, and I saw...

Christine with one of her groups....

and Alexa with 1:1 with one of her kiddos. All of us were working with our separate kids in our cozy room and it just made me so happy.

Hope you're feeling at home in your classroom or office. Making it a nice place to be sure makes going to work so much easier!

Have a great week!


  1. This is such a cute and functional classroom! I love it! Great job Girls!

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