Tuesday, October 27, 2015

owlways watching

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There I was, sitting in my office one morning last month, to have two third grade teachers come in. One of them, seeming kinda huffy; the other was more-or-less skipping into the office behind her more serious friend. As they entered, Ms. Huffy turns around and orders, "Stop smiling! This is serious!"

Happy friend changes her attitude and appears more somber. They march up and sit down at my table.

"We have a very serious question for you," Huffy declares. "Why are there little sunshine stickers next to some people's names on the mailboxes? Are you guys in some kind of secret club or something?"

Huffy's friend chimes in, trying to maintain a straight face. "Yeah, Christina has one, you have one, Tim has one...what's going on?"

I smile, giggling inside. "Friends, it's for Sunshine. We paid our Sunshine dues, so the sticker is just a representation of that."

Then both of them start cracking up. All along, their little show was just that, some early-morning entertainment.

At our school, our social committee is called Sunshine - we spread positivity around for all involved with little treats, appreciations, social events, and just make school a happier place to be. In order to make all the things happen we want to, it takes some money, so we ask for a donation from each teacher. This year, we wanted to recognize all of the staff who joined in the positivity and fun, so we put up a bulletin board in our lounge, with a sunshine for all the teachers who joined:

And, next to everyone's name on their mailbox, we placed a sticker:

At the end of the conversation with my two funny friends, they made sure I went back to check their mailboxes, because they had stickers of their own:

I guess they're owlways watching....

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  1. Cute! We must laugh with each other! Spread some more sunshine! I love it! Jennifer Sniadecki

  2. Very well written! So happy you don't hold my personality against me!
    - Ms. Huffy


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