Thursday, December 3, 2015

tmi via an i am poem + a freebie

During Summer Leadership Institute at Illinois Writing Project, one of our group leaders shared an I Am poem as a structure we could use for writing. Now, I've heard of poems like this before, but never how Jan has used them, because she rewrites her poem every year, and has been doing so for two decades or longer. Seriously, so amazing! I decided in July I wanted to start this tradition, and I'm finally getting around to it now, so here's my first one.'s super personal and really reflects how I've been feeling lately so there's that. I wrote it and screened it through my writing friends at work and they said to publish even though it's intense. So I'm sharing, but hesitantly because it's kinda:

But here goes anyways...

I am so many different things: friend, daughter, sister, Literacy Coach, Social Media enthusiast...and
I wonder when I'm going to add happily married to that list.
I hear that everything happens for a reason.
I see that people don't love the way they say they do.
I want a great guy who will cherish me and
I am not settling.

I pretend like this holiday season is merry and bright, but
I feel kinda grey inside.
I worry that people will feel sorry for me, and
I cry... but not as often as you would think because
I am still pretty angry.

I understand that this will pass.
I say that everything is okay, because mostly it is. 
I dream about a blissfully happy future and
I try to keep my negative thoughts at bay.
I hope this is the last single holiday season, but it might not be because
I am not settling :-)

Okay so seriously don't freak out, I'm totally fine but stuff like this is usually swimming around in my head when I have time to think. Obviously it's pretty hard to hit the Publish button today, but the writer in me longs to be transparent and share what I'm really thinking. And guess what? When I had my writing besties read this, they looked at me and their eyes told me to hit the Publish button. So I'm trusting them today.

Enough of my ramblings. I have a treat for you! A copy of the I Am poem template, in English and Spanish. Head on over to my TpT to grab a copy!

Have a great night, and start a tradition with the I Am poem - write one every year!


  1. Michelle,
    You are a brave and wonderful writer! Thank you.

  2. OK, I have to admit I am a little worried about you. But, I am confident that you will find all that your heart desires. I mean, what is there not to love about you? I need to write one of those poems myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Thanks for writing and sharing your heartfelt poem!

  4. WOW. I am so glad you hit Publish! I cannot wait to write my own poem. Such a great idea. Hope you have a cheery day.


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