Tuesday, February 16, 2016


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Friends, I've been missing my blog but haven't exactly felt like writing lately. I don't know why - what's up with this slump? I checked my stats in January - only 4 posts. What is that? I think about writing all the time - and for my One Little Word, I even set my February goal to write a little bit every day. THe little card is on my fridge, so there's no reason why I wouldn't see it. (Hello, food? I see it like 25 times a day!) So what's my deal? 

Has it ever happened to you that you end up in the company of people who love the same things as you? Like, let's say you love Golden Doodles, and then you run into someone or a few people who have them? Like at a street fest? And then you get so happy and excited because here's another person who loves what you love? That's what happened to me today. Except with my teacher writer friends. My Writing Tribe, if you will :-)

It was in my first edcamp session, (teacher institute day today) I went to a session called Writing Collaboration. Wasn't sure what we were going to do, but that sounds awesome, right? I went with my little writing posse from my building (the three of us) and then we met up with about five other teachers and another Literacy Coach, Leah. And it was great to sit and talk writing for 30 minutes. We even came up with a hashtag for our district for us teacher writers:

And then, I met with the #D100BloggerCrew to plan our next jigsaw book study on our blogs. I finally put faces to names of all the bloggers I've been collaborating with on Twitter and our blogs, and it was so awesome. Loved meeting you Ginny, Theresa, and Angela...finally! :-)

And now I'm sitting in Starbucks. Mocha at my side, snow falling down outside, soft music and the whirl of the milk foaming machine behind me, and I couldn't be happier. I'm back.

So thank you - Thank you to Mary who tagged me on her Words Their Way post last night, and the Hiawatha Teacher Writers, and to the #D100BloggerCrew, and to Amanda and Bonnie who said yes to the Slice of Life challenge next month. (You too, Mary... Holding you to that!) Thank you all for brining me back to my writing life!

Any Tiger Bloggers writing tonight?


  1. Sometimes we need a rest, a mini-break from the blog. I took one in January, albeit unintentional. Still, I think it was productive.

  2. I agree with Glenda, sometimes we just need a break. Usually when we return, we are more energized and ready to go! And isn't it wonderful to find those like-minded people!


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