Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I see you

Our fifth grade class is a really special group of kids. They were the first group who got full day kinder, their parents are super involved, and the kids are amazing. I became really close with them when they were third graders and I was collaborating with their teachers. The rest, they say, is history.

I do recess duty with them every day, so I get to watch the way they play together and interact, and again, super special. Every day they play football together - not just a handful of kids, but like 30 of them. Everyone who wants to play can play.

I love lots of kids in this class, but this week two of them, R & E, stand out to me. They are both very outgoing, very engaged, thoughtful, competitive kids.

Yesterday at recess, I had to have little conversation with E about playing for fun vs. playing to win, but then sent him back to keep playing. A few minutes later, I noticed that these two particular boys were playing pretty intensely - and kind of to the point where I thought they might get in a fight, so I blew my whistle to break it up.

Fast forward five minutes, and same thing, but then it was time to line up, so I blew the whistle again and the situation dissolved. Then, much to my surprise as I was walking towards these two to have another conversation, I see R put his hand up to high five E. Then he walked over to the kids in his line who were playing and did the same.

I was taken back.

I didn't expect that.

I know this kid R, and E, too, are great kids, but they are also boys on the verge of middle school, playing football and wanting to win. As I approached R, tears were welling up in my eyes (also: last day of school) and I walked up to him, put my hand on his shoulder and said, "You're such a good kid. I see you."

I had to walk away before the tears really started falling, but then, I watched as R went to the other fifth grade line to high five all his friends over there, including E again.

Fast forward to last night, about 11pm when I saw this video that Sarah from A Rocky Top Teacher posted, and it was right on with what happened. People want to hear that they matter. People want to be seen...I mean, don't we all? Don't we all want to know that we have made a difference?

I know it's hard sometimes, especially when kids are difficult and are seeking attention in any way possible. But, as the adults in such situations, it's our job to break that cycle... to stop the arguing with kids, to turn the corner and find something positive.

I promise you - even your hardest student - if you find something beautiful to see in them, it will change the relationship forever.

I know it's summer break for most of us (Day 1 for me!) so we might not be around students, but let's take time to notice those around us, our families, our friends, maybe even the people we might walk by on the street. Look up from your phone and see the world, including all the amazing people that cross our paths.

Who did you see today?
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  1. Wow! What a poignant post! I completely agree-developing those relationships is so key. It's hard to let go in the end, but it makes this job so much more rewarding.

    Not Just Child’s Play

  2. I love that I can read your posts and apply nearly everything that you write about to parenting my kiddos. Its so easy, almost TOO easy, to always point out and focus on the bad. Thank you for reminding me to call out all the good and beautiful things, too! Your students and peers are so lucky to have you sister! Love you!

  3. Great post!!! It is really neat when you have a group of students that have a special bond! :) I wish that could happen every year with every group of students!

  4. Fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing an important story.

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