Monday, January 23, 2017

favorite quotes

This week, students in my ELA classes will be writing about their favorite quotes. Here are a few of mine.

Maya Angelou spoke these wise words. I think they are so true. Personally, I can remember back to middle school, and I have no idea what we were learning, but I just remember that I had this awesome homeroom teacher named Mrs. Poe. I knew she really cared about me.

Another teacher I can remember that fits this quote is Ms. Thompson. She was my senior government teacher. I have no idea what we learned about in government that year, but I do remember that she was interested in my life and made an effort to talk to me and joke with me. She is still one of my very favorite teachers.

Moving on, here's a second quote I really like, that has came to my attention within the last six months.

I like this one because what it's telling us is that we need to do things we are scared of. We have the ability to make any dream we have come true, but that doesn't happen by just doing what we've always done. We have to "jump out of our nests" to try new things, and who knows where that will take us!

What are your favorite quotes?

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