Tuesday, July 19, 2016

home in D100

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In D100, students choose
     their Just Right books
     the pens they compose with
     the clubs they join

Just like home where we choose
     what to cook for dinner
     Saturday afternoon plans
     which friends we spend time with

In D100, our classrooms are outfitted to Workshop with
     beautiful rugs
     spaces to confer
     an easel from which to teach

Just like home ---
     beautiful art adorns the walls
     personal spaces to sleep and think
     a flat screen to entertain

In D100 teachers work side-by-side
     planning curriculum
     tweeting to our favorite hashtags
     by saying, "Come back and visit our class again soon!"

Just like home --
     Cooking meals together
     when lending an egg to the neighbor
     when greeting with, "I love you!"

In D100 Responsive Classroom rules
     Every child says hello in hallways
     friends say sorry and show empathy
     everyone is included

Just like home ---
     a hug when you arrive from work or school
     conflicts on the table for resolution
     big family parties to celebrate life's events

In D100 we're connected
     sharing our stories in Workshop
     blogging or tweeting beyond our four walls
     opening our doors at iEngage

Just like home...
     friends visit from CA and AZ  in July
     christmas cards cover the fridge in December
     facebook keeps us connected in the meantime

But we remember, best practice takes on many forms
     each child learns in their own time
     with a balance of advanced and vintage tools
     by preparing for the future with the knowledge of the past

Just like home where we do what's best
     sleep in or wake up early
     looking ahead to our family's future but remembering our past
     with current photos on our phones but Grandma's wedding picture on the           mantle

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