Tuesday, July 12, 2016

my positive people

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My mom lives in Florida these days, so I don't get to see her much, but we talk at least once a week on my drive to work, or Skype during the summer. I love her so much - she's always there to be my biggest cheerleader. When I wanted to get a Master's degree, she tole me, "You're so smart, of course you would want to do that." And I did. When I wanted to change jobs a few years ago, she said, "You work hard at whatever you do, I'll know you'll be happy if that's what you want to do." And I did. When I wanted to launch a business with Arbonne, she said, "Michelle, you're good at everything. Why would Arbonne be any different?"

Last night we were at our monthly Arbonne meeting, and one of our Regional Vice Presidents was talking. On a particular slide, she was telling us about the compensation plan, and she told us how much she was making, not to gloat, but to show us that, "Hey, I'm just average Lisa, and I'm making between $8-10K a month." (An aside, there is nothing average about Lisa. She's one of the most amazingly positive, loving people I know.) And then she went on to the highest level of management, saying, "Guys, I know it looks crazy right? To be making around $20,000 in a month? But you know what? Back 10 years ago, I was doing what others were not willing to do. I was putting myself out there when others weren't sharing Arbonne with people who wanted a safer daily routine. It's not easy to do that, but I have created a bunch of opportunities for myself that I could have never imagined before. In addition to financial freedom, I have time freedom, and I can give back now! All because I was willing to do the thing that others were not."

I just have to remember my mom's words and the positive influence of my friends with Arbonne when I'm met with negativity. "Michelle, you're good at everything you do." "Ladies, just keep sharing, finding people who are like-minded and understand the opportunity that such a beautiful brand can give to them."

And so I will.

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  1. You must get your positive, encouraging personality from your mom! She sounds great!

  2. I loved reading you post. Positive is my OLW this year. :)

  3. I love the positive things your Mom speaks into your life! I want to be like her! I want to be my children's greatest cheerleader.

  4. its hard to find those positive people!

  5. Your mom sounds AMAZING!!! And your positive people--love this for you!


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